Virgin Atlantic Relaunches In India The Sir Richard Branson Way!

In his own philosophical way, Sir Richard Branson relaunches Virgin Atlantic in India and inspires us with his smart use of social media for the same

“Nothing is guaranteed in life- but we hope to stay the course.” Quoting the tie-loathing adventurer and thrill seeker from The Richard Branson interview at Forbes India, Richard Branson otherwise known as Dr. Yes at Virgin, was in India a week ago to restart Virgin Atlantic services from India to UK.

The launch neither happened in closed boardrooms with distinguished delegates nor did it happen with men in three piece suits exchanging words over champagne. It happened the Richard Branson philosophical way.

The Richard Branson way

The move followed after a four year period of silence as nearly one million people fly between Mumbai and UK each year. The other reason (my guess) could be the ongoing turmoil in the aviation industry in the country. Whatever may be the reason, the latest move would mean Virgin Atlantic investing £300m, as it re-started flights from London Heathrow to Mumbai. Also, it will create 140 new jobs across the two countries, as was expressed on Virgin’s blog.

“Given the importance of both of our Indian markets, we are introducing our newest aircraft on flights to both Mumbai and Delhi which represents hundreds of millions of pounds of investment and will create many new jobs.” added Branson.

In Delhi: Richard who was in Delhi before he landed in Mumbai with a cold, spent the day launching a new entrepreneur scheme that aims to bring together the best of British and Indian business. He blogged the entire experience and shared how he still finds it inspiring meeting young minds.

“There is nothing more inspirational than seeing how your business idea could evolve in a different culture or continent.”

In Mumbai: If Delhi saw Richard in his business attire then Mumbai would have been surprised seeing him in an attire that we wear only during religious occasions we want to celebrate. For Richard, this was nothing new as he, along with his team were launching Virgin’s new services in Mumbai which is nothing short of a celebration.

“Part of my business philosophy has always been to put myself out there, in order to ensure we catch the eye over our competitors. In order to be a successful entrepreneur, if you need to dress up, be flamboyant and make fun of yourself to get a new product on the map, do it. If you end up surrounded by beautiful women and brilliant musicians too - so be it!” shared Richard in his blog.

He also made sure that the excitement was shared on his official Facebook page for his 288K fans. The 2M followers of his Twitter page were also not disappointed and got the required updates from the man, who recently shared on LinkedIn that only 16% of CEOs are  currently participating in social media.

Not to forget that the man blogged the Mumbai experience too before he left the country to fly off to a new one to chase new dreams.

But before that, he demonstrated two things:

1. How to do a product launch?

2. How a CEO can use social media?

Everyone has the time but the intent is missing and Sir Richard Branson, the British billionaire and Chairman of Virgin Atlantic proved to us that it doesn’t take a lot of effort to post a Facebook update or blog 300-400 words regularly. If a CEO can be social, we can too!