Why Virat Kohli Is Taking #WrognAuditions

Youth fashion brand Wrogn, co-owned by Virat Kohli, is on a hunt to find the most Wrogn man through the #WrognAudiitons


A few weeks back, test captain Virat Kohli got everyone talking on Twitter when he expressed his uncertainty that Sachin Tendulkar, the God of cricket, had what it takes to play. Sachin tweeted to Virat that he wanted to play, but Virat told him, rather politely, that he isn’t sure paaji had what it takes!

Taken aback by Virat’s brash tweet to the legendary ex-cricketer, the conversation quickly went viral, as it was designed to be, setting the stage for a campaign by an equally quirky youth fashion brand. The next day Sachin responded to Virat, asking him what he meant by that, to which Virat tweeted about the #WrognAuditions with a link to check it out.

The evolved junta on social media could easily take a guess because the test captain had already announced about the Wrogn auditions in his earlier tweets. For others, it was a newsworthy piece of conversation. Many mainstream news sites talked about the Sachin-Virat-Twitter-trolling that shocked a cricket-loving nation.

What people thought was about cricket actually turned out to be a fun campaign by youth fashion brand Wrogn. Co-owned by Virat Kohli and Universal Sportsbiz, Wrogn had just created social buzz to promote the #WrognAuditions, where one lucky winner along with three friends would be flown to Las Vegas for an epic hangover. All it tests is your personality type with a set of ten questions to be answered within a time frame. In case you are thrown out of the auditions, you can get right back in by sharing on Facebook or Google Plus, whichever social login you’d used to enter the virtual auditions.

Questions for the auditions are available at the microsite, and also on the app. So a ‘Can you parallel park when you’re drunk?” is not a test of your drunk driving skills, but more about your personality type. Virat’s social influence seems to have played a major role in spreading the word. The cricketer managed to create buzz by sharing Facebook videos and tweets about the auditions.

The brand is also playing its part on social media with cool visuals and quirky copy. The hunt is on to find the most Wrogn person.


For Gen Y only

The launch of the #WrognAuditions is as offbeat as the launch of the breakaway youth fashion brand in a rather unique way on Twitter last November. Virat went on a barrage of tweets with ‘Wrogn’ in them, stealing headlines in all major news sites. “I think I may have done something wrogn today,” he tweeted and the social web went crazy guessing what the test captain was about to confess on Twitter. To everyone’s amusement, Virat later announced his new fashion brand, Wrogn.

Wrogn has the right face for the brand, both in personality and millennial attitude. With Virat at the fore, Wrogn seems to be scoring cool campaigns on social media. A trip with friends to Las Vegas only if you are Wrogn, sounds like a good deal to woo youngsters for a youth fashion brand.