#ViralVideos: Aircel India’s ‘Joy of Little Extra’ And The Social Media Buzz

Review of the viral video 'Joy of Little Extra' from Aircel India and the activities around it to promote on social media


Cricket is a religion in the country! One of the most loved sports of the nation has had many generations grow up watching the cricketing legends in front of the TV, cheering for them, switching the TV off when their favourite player is out and at the same time emulating their style while playing in the society grounds, in the lanes and so on. The joy of the game has united the nation at all times. But what if the joy comes with an element of surprise to make it extra? What if your cricketing legend just walks in your game and wants to be a part of it. Wouldn’t that be the joy of life?


Aircel India, the telecom service provider in the country wants to bring the same element of extra joy in its latest social media campaign – “Joy of Little Extra.” The brand has roped in captain cool Mahendra Singh Dhoni for a digital video campaign that features the captain playing the game with a bunch of kids and giving that little extra joy. According to AFAQS, the video has been conceptualized and developed by McCann Worldgroup with an intention to capture a slice of people’s daily lives and refer to the joy experienced when they get a little extra, unexpectedly.

Video buzz on social

More than 60 seconds, the video shows Dhoni joining a game and surprising the cricket loving kids. The video that has been uploaded on Aircel’s YouTube page which has close to 3K subscribers right now has fetched more than 5 million views. The all time most viewed video by Aircel has been liked by more than 649 people but at the same time around 300 people have shown their dislike too.

The video that was uploaded on October 17th, 2013 has seen a good rise. Apart from organic growth, the brand has been pushing the video via YouTube ads too. The below screenshot provided by the social media monitoring product Unmetric shows more stats about the video:


But what is interesting to note here is that the brand has uploaded the same video again on October 21st, 2013 and it has also fetched more than 300K views. Wonder why the brand has uploaded the same video at two different intervals, isn’t that dividing the views? Not sure whether by doing this the brand is registering more views.

The video has been aggressively promoted on Facebook and Twitter. On Facebook the video has been shared twice, when it was shared on the 22nd the page received more than 21K shares and more than 348 liking the video and when it was shared on the 17th the video received more than 19K shares along with 3K people liking it.

Social Media activities on Facebook and Twitter

To tie up the campaign with all other social channels, the brand has created a Facebook app – The Joy of Little Extra. The app is asking fans to share their little extra joys that have given them more. While you submit your answer, you can have a look at what others have submitted and if you like the submissions then you can show your love by clicking on the Like button. If your entry is a crazy one then the brand is offering free gift vouchers. 30 gift vouchers are being offered every day so you might want to try your luck too.

On Twitter the brand has been running promoted trends with the similar name of the campaign for days now. In addition to this Twitter has also been running a contest where people were required to tweet interesting and simple ideas revolving around experiencing the ‘joy of little extra’ with the use of hashtag #AlittleExtra.

According to Unmetric, #AlittleExtra hashtag has shown the maximum engagement for the brand on Twitter for the period – 17th October to 3rd November, 2013. The below screen grab gives you the snapshot of hashtag activities performed by the brand and tweeps:


Like the Indian cricketing board, Aircel has trusted its old brand ambassador Dhoni to promote its new digital campaign. Interestingly, the brand had released a similar video in the month of May, portraying the same message of extra joy featuring Dhoni and an enthusiastic fan.

Nevertheless, the new video launched last month brings a smile on your face by providing that extra joy. At the same time the brand has weaved its marketing message of providing such extra joys of surprise to its customers upon using its service.

While the video with 5M views has clicked with the fans, social integration and the marketing push for it has been aggressive too. Integrating the same message and running contests with its fans on Facebook and Twitter ties up the campaign very well. A much required integrated campaign from established brands like Aircel on social media.

So did you like the video and will you call it ‘viral’? Yes or no, do share in the comments.

Disclosure: Unmetric is  an advertiser at LHI.