Viral Oza Shares Social Media Marketing Learnings At #Indiasocial12

by Prasant on April 6, 2022


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Social Media is about communication and that’s why it has become so popular, believes Viral Oza, Marketing Director at Nokia India. Viral was at the recently concluded IndiaSocial Summit 2012 to share his thoughts on social media marketing and learnings at their end. Viral started with the basics of social media which was not a bad thing  to do as you never know what is the understanding level of  the audiences on social media.

Viral Oza, MD Nokia India

Image Courtesy: IndiaSocial Summit,2012

He further expressed that:

1. Customers seek bonding while brands seek engagement, familiarity and relevance.

2. Staying connected with the consumers is the new conversion.

3. And blending social into your business will only happen when you are ready to listen, drive buzz, trial, sales and keep doing it.

Moving further in his slides, Viral shared the Nokia Lumia case study. The campaign was designed to create awareness, provide an experience and finally drive sales. Viral shared that 500 consumers were pre-booked which was one of the positive outcomes of this campaign. This was also possible since customers were given a choice of pre-booking while they were reading reviews. I think it was a smart move to convert leads on the spot. The campaign also involved creating videos and tech bloggers were invited to spread the word.

Along with the case study, Viral shared a social framework that they have built at their end.  The framework is made of culture, people, governance, guidelines which are driven by tools and metrics. He also added that Marketing at Nokia is all about active relationships and that social media is not about one department, it has to be cross-functional collaboration of all departments. If this could be achievable, then in every sense it is social.

Finally, Viral summarized his key learnings before the floor was open for questions and answers.

1. It’s all about them (customers), not us (brand) and plan for 1-9-90. 1 writes, 9 read and 90 go on and share it.

2. Bring in social connect, try making it more engaging.

3. Think of freshness, but don’t spam.

4. Strike a human chord with fans, get them on your side.

Viral’s talk was a well structured one, where he not only shared the learnings of the brand but also backed it up with a case study. Apart from this, I found Viral to be quite frank when he was taking questions from audiences. One of them was when he was asked to share success stories. Viral was very genuine in his reply saying that, “We haven’t had any success stories as we are adolescents”. However, he did emphasize that the brand had achieved some highs in the last year on social media.

You are surprised when you listen to this kind of statement from a Marketing Head of a MNC but then don’t you think the brand has learnt the golden rule of social media marketing – Being honest.


Founder and Blogger at Lighthouse Insights. Loves to experiment in social media and believes social media is a game changer for SME's.

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