Skybags Reflects Millennial Attitude In New Campaign Featuring Varun Dhawan

VIP Skybags' "My Style My Way" campaign starring Varun Dhawan sees him chasing a bus in the streets of Istanbul, tugging along a stylish Reef Strolly bag


Luggage brand VIP Industries has been shedding off its ancient image ever since last year. Each of its sub brands have been given a fresh lease of life with interesting campaigns and younger brand ambassadors. For Caprese, its brand of ladies handbags, the luggage maker signed on the young and stylish actor, Alia Bhatt late last year as the Caprese Girl.

This year, VIP has signed on Alia’s male counterpart in Bollywood – the young and lively Varun Dhawan for its youth luggage brand, Skybags. A new campaign ‘My style, my way’ featuring its new brand ambassador and new collection ‘Reef’ has also been unveiled.

Created by L&K Saatchi & Saatchi, the television ad shows an energetic Varun chasing a bus in the picturesque streets of Istanbul in Turkey, tugging along a stylish Reef Strolly bag.

In the ‘My Style My Way’ TVC, Varun is just about to bite into a burger, when he sees his bus leaving without him. He begins to run with the bus and appeal to the driver but to no avail. What begins then is a wild chase around the streets of Istanbul; Varun with his backpack and a Reef strolly bag is seen jumping across barricades, hopping up stairs, crossing through a restaurant to finally land up right in the front of his bus.

When the driver gestures him to get in, and we the viewers are finally happy to see Varun get into his bus, he does the unpredictable – he winks at the driver and goes off walking.

His voiceover is heard, “My Style My Way. Introducing designer bags from Skybags. Move in Style”.


Prior to revealing the ad, Skybags rolled out a snippet with Varun running around with the Reef bag on the brand’s Facebook page. Fans were invited to guess why their favourite hero is running around with the bag, and what exactly is he chasing. The most witty responses could walk away with a new Reef bag just like the one shown in the video.

On Twitter, fans needed to guess the new face of the brand from visuals of the ad where Varun is running away with the bag. Varun Dhawan also leveraged his social media clout for the campaign. With over 1.99 million followers on Twitter, his tweet for the campaign raked in more than 300 retweets and 800 favourites.

#MyStyleMyWay could do more for Skybags

Last year, Skybags had roped in actor John Abraham as the face of the brand. A quirky campaign called ‘Back is the new front’ was launched where John discovers a whole new world – youngsters are doing everything backwards including cycling, in order to show off their stylish backpacks. A girl with a Skybag backpack is walking out of a lift backwards, a woman is walking her dog backward and more instances proving, “Back is the new front”.

On digital, the brand had invited fans to share their reverse selfies. One had to show off their unique style with their backs facing the camera either with the help of a mirror or get it clicked by someone. #BackIsTheNewFront involved fans and engaged them with the new brand communication.

#MyStyleMyWay could also add an element of fan engagement on digital, other than a contest inviting witty responses. Millennials today indeed celebrate their individuality and personal style ethics, but in order to appeal to them, brands need to get them to participate in the new communication. An ad and a contest is probably not enough to create a lasting brand recall.

Skybags could invite fans to show off their unique style on the lines of Varun’s stunts in the TVC. Digital natives are more than happy to create videos, share selfies and show off their creativity on social networks. The campaign hashtag could be used to track all such user generated content on social media. Besides, the luggage brand could rope in travel buffs to show off their style their way.