How VIP Bags Has Relaunched ‘Life Leke Chal’ On Digital With The LightTimes Travel Blog

For its lightweight range, luggage brand VIP has relaunched ''Life Leke Chal' campaign with new TVCs, a website, a Travel blog and social media engagement

VIP life leke chal

When it comes to luggage brands, VIP is the first name to pop up in any Indian’s mind. The brand enjoys the trust of the older generation while it offers many choices to the youth and our changing lifestyles. Earlier this year, VIP introduced a range of lightweight bags in keeping with the new airline luggage restrictions. And a promotional campaign called ‘Life Leke chal’.

The luggage brand has relaunched the campaign with a renewed focus on its range of lightweight bags and communication centred around the lightness. Three 20-second TVCs conceptualised by McCann Erickson highlight 3 different bags from the range with their unique features.

One of the ad films for ‘Life leke chal’ features the VIP Spacelite where a father has just returned home from a flight. His little son rushes to check out what daddy has brought for him, but is disappointed when he finds the suitcase full of his dad’s stuff.

The dad plays on with a shrug but then starts operating the remote control of a toy hovercraft, which magically emerges from the suitcase, much to the delight of the young guy.

The film ends with the message, “Jee bhar ke bharo emotions, kyunki hamare bags toh light hain hi”.

The other ad films focus on VIP Pepper that is water and stain resistant, and VIP Jaguar Dlx that is strong, spacious and durable.

Since the launch of the TVCs in early October, the brand has been promoting them on social media. Social media audiences are being driven to watch the videos with the help of contests. Fans have been asked to share which is their favourite situation from the three situations shown in the TVCs. And also describe whey they relate to it the most in less than 50 words. One lucky winner gets a VIP Trolley Bag!

Content shared on VIP India’s Facebook and Twitter pages highlight the lightness of the new range, along with informative bits on each of the bags. The brand has also been sharing travel tips for its community along with website links for buying the bags.

On the digital front, VIP has partnered with digital agency Brandmovers India to create interesting content around the new brand communication. The brand has launched a new website showcasing the ad film along with complete information on the new lightweight range; the site provides convenient online shopping too. However, the interesting bit is that it has also integrated a travel blog called ‘LightTimes’.

LightTimes is one-of-a-kind travel magazine launched to amplify the “lightness” of VIP bags with light hearted content around travel. Categorised into ‘Light travel’, ‘Light watch’, ‘Light entertainment’ and ‘Light read’, the LightTimes blog serves a dash of fun and light reading.

VIP Lighttimes

Heavy focus on light travel

Ever since the advent of social media, brands have been focusing on building communities around their products. The process evolved to create engaged communities around shared interests rather than the brand itself. So while a cosmetics brand nurtured a community of ‘beauty conscious women’ with beauty and health tips, an airline or luggage brand built communities catering to ‘travel enthusiasts’.

The focus is always content. More and more brands are evolving as publishers in the social media driven age today. Staying ahead of the times with interesting, relevant and informative content for their community, has become the new marketing mantra. And if that content helps highlight the brand purpose and establishes a resonance with the product, building an engaged community comes easy. Which is what VIP is set about to do for ‘Life leke hal’ campaign - build a community of new age travellers who prefer to travel light.

‘Life leke chal’ has been carefully thought-through and not just executed as a TVC led social media campaign with a website for digital support. More hashtag driven conversations around #LifeLekeChal can further boost the campaign.