Vijay Sales Wants You To Design It’s Logo

An article on how and why Vijay Sales Wants You To Design It's Logo

Vijay Sales is a name that is synonymous with exciting deals on electronic goods. But are you aware that they are doing some handsome work on Facebook too? Founded in 1967, Vijay Sales is selling almost everything in electronics and was also recently in the news for its web store launch. Moving ahead, it wants to make a mark as a social brand and the latest Facebook contest justifies it. Vijay Sales wants to design a new logo and instead of going to a top notch design house, it has knocked the doors of its fans. Following the steps of Micromax, Vijay Sales is another brand that wants you to design their new brand logo.

The Facebook Contest:

The Facebook fan page, which has a strong community of more than 28,000 fans, has designed a Facebook app for the contest. So if you wish to participate then simply log into Facebook and click on the “The Big Hunt” Facebook app. On click of the app, you would be lead to a static page as shown below.

As you can see it is clearly mentioned that you simply need to send your entries to facebook[at]vijaysales[dot]com and stand a chance to win exciting goodies. However, make sure that you read certain guidelines that will help you to design the logo. The note is explained well but I am curious to know why hasn’t this been included in the contest app. You really don’t want your users to find this link in the timeline and the confusion about the contest is quite visible in the comments section.

Along with Facebook, Vijay Sales is using Twitter efficiently to spread the word about the contest.

Is the contest cool?

The contest app that has been built is appealing in its looks and gives you the feel of Google Plus but it could have definitely improved on it’s execution.

1. Vijay Sales could have easily provided a submission area in the app itself. This could have made life easier for contestants who will now have to mail the entries.

2. Apart from this since it is a logo design contest, displaying the submitted designs of contestants in the app would have done wonders not only for contestants but for the contest too.

3. I am against “Like” generating contest but wouldn’t it be great if my friends liked my design and in return few of the lucky ones would either have got discount vouchers or some gift hampers from Vijay Sales. This initiative would definitely lead up to some positive word of mouth.

Nevertheless, the app has used two very basic viral features of Facebook and that is a good sign for any contest. Adding a Facebook share and comments widget definitely helps.

Crowdsourcing Ideas, is it new?

Crowdsourcing ideas in today’s times are not an out-of-box thought and we have reviewed a bunch of brands doing the same. If we had the likes of Onir, Vidhu Vinod Chopra, etc. supporting crowdsourcing then we also had brands like Zomato, Micromax, etc. Definitely crowdsourcing is the way ahead and brands would be opting for it more aggressively. Reason one being that it cuts costs and second they are not dependent on just a few brains present in an agency. However crowdsourcing has also been criticized on the fact that it is killing creativity and over issues of copyright. However, I give a thumbs up to crowdsourcing ideas via social media as the way forward and for the first time it is providing a way for a brand to get closer to it’s fans.

So are you going to test your artistic skills, doesn’t matter even if you are not a great designer. Who knows you might be hiding your creative talents but make sure since the deadline for the contest is 31st May 2012.