Videocon D2h Hunts For Real Bollywood Fans Via The Asli Picture On Facebook

A review of 'The Asli Picture', a Facebook contest by D2H provider, Videocon D2h, where fans are tested for their Bollywood knowledge and stand a chance to win autographed set top boxes

Bollywood is an easy theme to engage with Indians on social media. It always works, is easy to implement and brings in the numbers just like cricket does. Following up with the success of Predict-o-meter, where cricket fans could celebrate during the IPL this year, Videocon d2h – one of India’s direct to home (DTH) satellite tv service that offers set top box, dth services across all cities in India – has once again tied up with the digital agency Digital Latte for ‘The Asli Picture’, a month-long campaign to promote Videocon d2h’s new technology that promises a ‘Pollution free TV viewing experience’.

And, there are some cool prizes in store – weekly top scorers win celebrity autographed HD Digital Set top boxes and the grand prize winner takes home the designer luxury suit sported by brand ambassador Abhishek Bachchan during the promotion of Videocon d2h!

The Asli Picture

The prizes did not excite me as I’m not a fan of Bollywood, however, the theme behind this contest is interesting. Designed to promote the new feature that helps in getting a superior clarity and reception by warding off the impact of air pollution, The Asli Picture contest displays unclear images of Bollywood celebrities, that become clear with the correct answers by a participant.

Hosted on a Facebook app, the contest is open to fans only, so ‘Like’ it to see the Asli Picture. Also, you need to register with your email id and contact number at the outset.


There are four levels with multiple choice questions in each. Each level of the contest will have a total of 10 questions related to Bollywood and 5 images of celebrities to be correctly guessed. You score points at each level. Another way to earn points is to challenge your friends on Facebook. The points system has been explained in detail in the Terms & Conditions.

The tabs – Home, How to play, My Score and Leaderboard are self-explanatory. My Score displays your points at each level; a minimum score of 350 qualifies you for the next level. So, even if your answers are incorrect, you can make up for it by inviting and challenging your friends. Remember that there are 5 extra points for each challenge accepted by your friends!

How good is it?

In one word, The Asli Picture is fun and that’s what counts in a Facebook contest. Questions are quite taxing and really test your Bollywood quotient. And, the prizes for emerging the ultimate winner are also relevant for a Bollywood fan. For me, The Asli Picture is a well-themed Facebook contest that helps promote the new ‘Pollution free TV viewing experience’ by Videocon d2h. Besides, including points for inviting your friends to the challenge will help in increased visibility on the social network made up of your friends and family.

Moreover, the app has been neatly designed with brand colours and provides for a smooth user experience with its easy navigation. Clearly stated Terms & Conditions also add on to the execution. The option to share or tweet after each level ensures the contest promotions on Twitter too. Lastly, the contest with its like-gated app, helps build the brand’s Facebook community with a relevant fan base.

However, asking participants to register with email id and contact number seems irrelevant in a Facebook contest. As stated in the T&C, the winners would be announced on the app, hence taking contact details means that Videocon d2h is building a database of target consumers, to be bombarded later with promotional offers and services.

Nevertheless, a cool theme, simple design and relevant Facebook contest is how I will sum up ‘The Asli Picture’. What are your thoughts?