Video Watch: Interesting Women’s Day videos of 2017

A random list of the most interesting Women's Day videos of 2017 by Indian brands that aptly weaved the spirit of the occasion with the brand promise and values

March 8, International Women’s Day is a day of activism, as much as it is a day of celebration. As the world marks the day with protests highlighting the gender discrimination around, brands are hopeful of building affinity by celebrating womanhood. Her love, her care it is that moves the world, and most consumer buying patterns, too. It is most often the woman of the house who decides on what color to paint the living room walls with, and which airline brand is the most economical for her family vacations.

Women’s Day offers immense scope for brands to woo her, and they never fail to amaze her with decent marketing budgets set aside for her day. A number of Indian brands, on the occasion of Women’s Day this year, have chosen to roll out digital films celebrating the spirit of a woman. The loving mother, the caring sister, the dependable friend, the helpful neighbour, the friendly colleague and many more all play an important role in brand videos.

We bring you here, a list of the interesting Women’s Day videos of 2017 by Indian brands that aptly weaved the spirit of the occasion with the brand promise and values, and while at it added a dash of memorable storytelling for its digital audiences.

Star Plus “Gurdeep Singh & Daughters”

Star Plus has been on a roll sensitizing mindsets about gender discrimination in our society. This Women’s Day, the mass media channel has cleverly weaved in its brand philosophy of ‘Nayi Soch‘ into a film titled “Gurdeep Singh & Daughters”. In the video, Aamir Khan, as a middle-aged sweet shop owner plays the lead protagonist driving home the brand message in a subtle manner. Watch it for some effortless acting and cool execution.

Red Label ‘Tea Set’ #Unstereotype

The mind is like a sponge, it absorbs whatever is around it. So the best time to not let the mind be stained with gender stereotypes is childhood, as brought out, rather brilliantly, in this tea brand’s film. Brooke Bond Red Label is one brand that has been brewing freshness amongst diverse communities in our society, by celebrating the ‘togetherness‘ in us. This Women’s Day, it has chosen little protagonists to send us a big message - #Unstereotype. Watch it for beautiful storytelling that lingers on, even after it’s over.

JSW #EveryWomanStrong

Our very own Olympian, wrestler Sakshi Mallik features in yet another Women’s Day film called #EveryWomanStrong. JSW, the steel maker that has a dedicated program for grooming and nurturing Indian athletes for the Olympics has rolled out the film, honouring every woman we know of - the chef, the cop, the traffic cop, the nurse, she is every woman, well played by Sakshi in every avatar, eventually coming out as the wrestler who never gave up. There is a mention of its women-centric CSR initiative ‘Janam se Janani Tak’ at the end. Watch it for a great concept and crisp script.

Mirraw #ApniPehchaan

There are female bodybuilders too! Steffi D’Souza, an award winning body builder from Mumbai shares her story as part of Mirraw’s initiative of bringing forth inspiring stories of real women via #ApniPehchaan. Steffi shares about her journey marked with trials and tribulations, and the support of her bodybuilder husband seeing her through tough times in the 3.35 minute film. The women’s fashion and jewellery etailer has stuck to simple storytelling, where the subject will draw you in.

Jugnoo ‘Be Yourself’

The rides and grocery app has chosen to support women against a society that expects them to breathe and live a certain way. Jugnoo’s 2-minute film urges women to be themselves and not succumb to societal stereotypes like staying away from maths or sports, or force-fitting themselves into conventional standards of beauty. Watch it for “Be Yourself” is a positive, non-preachy film that says it all without making noise.

MensXP “That’s What They Said”

Men’s online magazine, MensXP chose to call out the casual attitude towards everyday sexism in our society. Its Women’s Day film titled ‘That’s what they said’ takes the viewer through a multitude of daily situations at home and work where women are subjected to sexist comments and advice from their so-called well wishers. While women have been taking it all with silent rage in their hearts, MensXP urges viewers to stop encouraging this rampant sexism. Watch it for some hardhitting self-introspection mode time to help identify the sexism within us.

UrbanClap ‘My First Women’s Day’

Home and beauty services app, UrbanClap is looking to bust taboos again with its film titled ‘My first Women’s Day’. The film begins with an invitation to a Woman’s Day party where every woman is surprised and waiting in anticipation for the most important guest. When they expect the host’s son to arrive, just as we the audience are, in comes the host’s daughter, and this is her first Woman’s Day. How, you ask? Watch it till the end!

Star Sports #CheckOutMyGame

Women are always being checked out. Checking out our shape, colour and size seems to be a favourite passtime of the world. Several women athletes have fans only because she is a conventionally beautiful woman and checking her out during a game is fun. While on the other extreme are the highest achievers in sports, but nobody wants to check them out because they are the outliers when it comes to standards of beauty. Star Sports is looking to bring about a change in this by asking viewers to check out their game, instead. #CheckOutMyGame is powerful storytelling coupled with hardhitting dialogues in the first person. It also struck a personal angst in me, so this one’s my favourite in the list.

TataCLiQ #WhateverCLiQsForYou

The online shopping site has been celebrating women’s week with specially curated collections for women wear. The brand’s Women’s Day film takes a viewer through an array of women achievers who have chosen their distinct style and profession, without a bother about stereotypes. The central message of the film is, ‘Wear what you want. Do what you want’, and that’s exactly how it should be. Watch it for its stylish execution.

Reliance Fresh #JeeLeZara

The friendly neighbourhood grocery store throws light on the Indian homemaker’s plight. All her life is scratched away looking after her husband and kids, that she has never found time to ‘live’ for herself. The female protagonist in the video titled ‘Jee Le Zara’ is a 50-year-old now and is looking to have a Goa vacation with her girl gang. While the husband tries to dissuade her with all his antics and frightening tactics, she stays put. Watch ‘Jee Le Zara’ for its delightful lead actors played by Sachin Khedekar and that Surabhi lady, Renuka Shahane.

Gypsy Moth #SheForHer

They say a woman’s biggest enemy is always another woman. Why can’t we change that to being ‘friends’ instead? This agency has created a video with the central message as just that - #SheForHer, a world where every woman stands in support of another woman, and does not pander to gender discrimination and injustice the world is anyways throwing at us. This is a must watch for every woman, a reality check is what we need badly.

Epic channel Pehli #SheIsEpic

The channel that brings alive history chose to go back in time to bring us stories of epic women achievers who became the firsts in their chosen field of achievement. It was a delight watching PT Usha, Bachendra Pal, Reita Faria, Kiran Bedi sharing their stories of the moments in time that made them the first women to pave the way in paths generally built for men. Watch it for inspiration and motivation.

Axis Mutual Fund #ItsYourTime

Axis MF has made a hardhitting point in its Women’s Day film titled ‘It’s your time’. As girls and women, we have always been subjected to having our decisions made by others, first our parents or guardians, then our husbands! Told through a coffee-time conversation among three female friends, their talks offer valuable insights into our hypocritical society and how we women accept and abide by it. Axis MF’s story uses a dash of humour to drive home the message of empowering women to take their own decisions. Watch it for a fun, different take.

Moto India #Uncompromise

Celebrating the spirit of incredible women who refused to compromise in their lives, Moto brought on board Pooja Bhatt, Radhika Apte and Babita Phogat, who shared their personal stories of not compromising to the norms set by society. They don’t speak but their placards do all the talking. Moto has been following it up on social media with user stories of having ‘un-compromised’, while strengthening its latest campaign positioning. Watch it to know the secret to some successful women achievers.


The ride app uses men to highlight women travellers’ safety issues and concerns. Shuttl is asking viewers to refer women for a safe journey, thereby associating itself as a brand that prioritizes women’s safety.

Datsun India #DrivenByHer

Datsun’s Women’s Day film is a sweet take. A husband sings praises of his wife while the woman is in the bath. #DrivenByHer has this man sharing how his life is practically driven by his wife, he also gives her the key to his car asking her to drive. I’m sure every wife would be happy with Datsun’s film asking men to show the world who drives their lives. For an automaker, this is a positive brand building film looking to bust stereotypes around women drivers. Watch it for delight and stop being judgemental.

Cordlife India #UsForHer

Cordlife, umbilical cord stem cell bank has rolled out a film titled #UsForHer, with the intention of urging viewers to celebrate and cherish the women in their lives. The mother, the sister, the friend, the wife, the several avatars of a woman have been portrayed in still images. It is also inviting people to dedicate a pic/tweet to the special woman in their life and will donate an amount to URJA Trust, an NGO working towards women issues and women empowerment.

AirAsia #FlyWithAirAsia

The airline introduces us to the many girls and women who aspire to fly high, despite the backgrounds they come from in its Women’s Day film titled #FlyWithAirAsia. Air Asia has aligned the story well with its brand promise of ‘Now everyone can fly’.

Do let us know your favourites.