[Video] How These Two Young Brothers Are Growing Their Digital Agency Chimp&z Inc

Lavinn and Angad co-founders at Chimp&z; Inc, digital agency talk about the agency growth, brothers being co-founders and the interesting digital campaigns of 2015

“The idea was never to get lost as a small player in the sea occupied by large players. To do that we had to have a conversation starter, we had to have something that defines us and we had to have something beyond the usual corporate name,” shared Angad Manchanda co-founder at Chimp&z Inc in an exclusive video interview with Lighthouse Insights.

Chimp&z Inc or Chimpz is a two-year-young digital agency growing at a rapid pace in Mumbai. Founded by Angad and Lavinn Rajpal who also happens to be Angad’s younger cousin brother, Chimpz is a 30 plus team sitting in the Mumbai office. A rapidly growing market for the digital industry, Delhi also has another 15 member Chimpz team. In fact in the coming years, Angad wants to set shop in Dubai, Canada and New York.

“I don’t want to be just a startup. I dream of having a global presence but with a head count of not more than 20-30 people. I want to hire the best of the minds and deliver quality services to the client.”

In this first part of the 10-minute video interview, both the co-founders touch upon various aspects. The conversation started with the story behind the name ‘Chimp&z’ and their liking for monkey business.

Interestingly, as said earlier, both co-founders are related by blood. The industry still advises them that brothers can’t run the show as often the decisions would be driven emotionally. “We had our bad and good times but we are still sticking together. Conflict is part of any business and here the interesting part is that we can’t let go since we are related by blood. You just can’t move away,” added both the co-founders.

Thereafter the duo share how the journey has been so far, starting from a dining table to a lavish colorful and open office in Mumbai.

Finally the conversation drifted towards the kind of work the agency has done in 2015. Angad shared interesting insights about the Godrej Expert Father’s Day campaign and also talked about the Mumbai Mirror #DoubleDholki campaign.

Here is the entire first part of the video interview with the co-founders Lavinn and Angad.

The second and final part of the video will talk more about the Indian digital industry, the problems, road ahead and smart advice to digital marketing entrepreneurs.

This agency feature series has been brought to you in association with Chimp&z Inc, a Mumbai based digital agency.