Interview With Samar Singh Shekhawat, SVP, Marketing, United Breweries [Video]

Video interview with Samar Singh Shekhawat to understand the social media strategies at Kingfisher


Kingfisher, the Indian beer that is brewed by United Breweries is also providing good times to its fans on social media. The brand has more than 5.2 million fans on Facebook has been one of the top 10 Indian brands on Facebook in terms of fans. Recently, it celebrated the 5 million mark on Facebook. So, this sounded like a perfect time to get in touch with the brand to know it’s thoughts on social media, the campaigns of 2012 and the road ahead. I got in touch with Samar Singh Shekhawat, Senior Vice President, Marketing at United Breweries and invited him to be my guest at Conversations, an online video series with people who are changing the world of social media in India.

We spoke about quite a few areas in social media and how that is being taken care at Kingfisher. The video conversation shared below focuses on areas such as:

Numbers or engagement?

After the introduction round my first question to Samar was what do the million plus number of fans mean to the brand. Samar expressed that numbers are satisfying but they are not here to break any records. He further added that as a brand they are more focused on creating compelling content and bigger levels of engagement. He also briefed me that the brand prides itself of having one of the highest engagement among their fans.

Social media campaigns in 2012

Samar highlighted three campaigns that defined 2012 for the brand on social media. First was the popular beer meet up or beerup that Kingfisher started. The idea of the campaign was to drive like-minded people from the virtual world i.e. Twitter to a real life stage. The entire event is planned out on Twitter and people who are part of this meetup get to choose the venue, food, entertainment, etc.

The second campaign was Brewdolph the good times reinbeer campaign. The campaign was a take on Rudolph, the red nosed reindeer and a video was created where the Brewdolph goes out and provides beer to those who are in the need of it. The idea of the campaign was to provide consumer gratification and it was during the Christmas eve.

And the third campaign that had created buzz on social media was around the dooms day activation. Kingfisher flipped the idea and asked its fans to imagine a world without beer and fans were asked to share their expressions on this situation. Fans with funniest expression won goodies and beer.

Road ahead

Samar shared that the whole task and challenge is to stay ahead of the curve. He further added that Kingfisher has a separate digital marketing team and at UB they believe that the digital medium is not a support medium any more, it is a lead medium. It is a medium that is better metricized, gives you a better grip on your communications, tells you how specifically it is targeted and hence every year they have doubled their digital budgets.

It was quite interesting to know how Kingfisher is bullish about social media and hopefully you would also have some takeaways from the video.