With 4300 Doctors & 7000 Patients, Pune Based SaveTime Plans To Expand To 8 Cities, Says CEO Mitesh Bohra [Video]

In the second part of the video interview Mitesh Bohra CEO of SaveTime talks about social, digital and mobile adoption, road ahead, challenges and revenue streams



Last week in the first part of our video interview with Mitesh Bohra, Co-Founder and CEO at Savetime.com – an online network that brings doctors and patients together, we discussed about the early days of Savetime, how their first startup Infobeans was formed and how they left the services business and jumped into the healthcare field.

The 13 month old startup operating from Pune, has 19 people on board with two more Co-Founders Avinash Sethi and Siddharth Sethi.

In the second part of this interview, Mitesh shares how the startup is using social and digital media, along with their adoption of mobile. While the co-founder thought it is too early to share any revenue numbers, he did throw light on the startup’s revenue streams, future plans and challenges. Before winding up the discussion the serial entrepreneur has left a small message to the budding entrepreneurs of the country.

Click on the video for the concluding part of the story from the passionate entrepreneur.