Rajiv Dingra Founder At WAT Consult Talks About Digital Media Evolution, Integrated Campaigns, Video & Mobile [Video]

Video interview with Rajiv Dingra CEO & Founder at WAT Consult. Part one talks about digital media evolution, integrated campaigns, thoughts on video & mobile.


“When we started as a social media specialist seven years ago, we were offered our first work by a large media buying agency for Rs. 40,000 monthly. Today we compete with the same agency and win accounts which are larger than Rs. 40 lakhs a month,” shared Rajiv Dingra as an anecdote on how social and digital media has evolved in the country.

A well known name in the industry, Rajiv started his career in the Indian digital space with the launch of WAT blog back in 2006. Later on after a year he founded WAT Consult in 2007 which is one of the largest social media agency in the country today. The agency which has evolved as a 360 degree digital media agency has offices across major metros in the country from Mumbai, Kolkata, Delhi and Bangalore.

I have known Rajiv for a pretty long time via his work and consider him as one of the early believers of the medium in the country. Recently in Pune on an official visit, he was kind enough to have an interaction with me. The hour long conversation touched upon various aspects from digital evolution in the country to integrated campaigns to mobile content and the B2B market response towards the medium, and finally winding up with thoughts on the recent digital acquisitions in the country and how WAT plans to grow further.

The video interaction has been divided into two parts. The first one focuses on his thoughts on the evolution of digital medium in the country, WAT’s evolution over the years, his thoughts on integrated campaigns, video becoming the preferred medium and how marketers are generating content for mobile to engage with users.

Click on the first part of the video to watch and listen to the thoughts shared by Rajiv Dingra.

Disclosure: WAT Consult is an advertiser at LI.