Anand Shah, Founder At Ignite Solutions Talks About Second Screen Market And Challenges [Video Interview -2]

Final part of the video interview with Anand Shah, founder At Ignite Solutions who talks about second screen market and challenges.


Last week, I met up with Anand Shah, Founder at Ignite Solutions at his office. Ignite Solutions has been primarily focusing on the second screen space for the past 18 months. It is building a platform that would not only appeal to consumers but producers and advertisers too. Presently the company is working on a consumer app which might go live by early next year; simultaneously the startup is working on some branded apps that are work in progress.


The video shoot was divided into two parts since the founder had a lot to share and I wanted to do justice to the content. The first part which was shared last week focused on three areas – 1. Early days and how the startup came into existence, 2. Thoughts on Second Screen, and 3. The offerings from Ignite Solutions for the market. Click here to see the first part of the video interview.

The remaining part focuses on two other aspects – 1. Market and the competitors and 2. Challenges for the second screen marker in India.

Sharing his thoughts on the market, Anand said that it is very nascent, Twitter is the big gorilla along with some more players. However the market still lacks a killer app except a few sports apps that will transform watching TV from a lean back experience to a lean forward one.

Talking about the challenges, Anand feels that the broadcasters are focused on revenues from day one. That’s one of the reason why Ignite wants to be a platform that can churn out a factory of apps to meet the expectations of broadcasters. Partnership is the way forward, he feels that would help them survive in a market which has barely scratched the surface in the country.

Find the final part of the interview embedded below and let us know what you think about the second screen market in India. Especially as a user what will drive you to pick up your mobile phone and engage with the TV while watching shows.