Vicks India Invites Fans To Cheer For Champions On Facebook

Vicks India is giving its fans a chance to feature in an anthem for the Indian cricket team called 'Cheer for Champions'

Cheer_for_Champions vicks india

Vicks India that claims to be the No.1 brand for cough and cold, is on a mission to create the ultimate anthem for India’s cricket team and wants the community to be a part of it.

Brands are forever catching up on the cricket fever in a nation of cricket fanatics. With the T20 World Cup round the corner, Vicks India has commenced on the creation of an anthem to cheer the Indian team called ‘Cheer for Champions’.

‘Cheer for Champions’ is an endeavour to unite all of India in their support of the national cricket team. Currently in the process of being composed by much sought after music composer, Ranjit Barot, Vicks India also wants the community to be a part of it. For when one voice has power, you can imagine what a whole nation united by a single cheer could do.

And for adding to the cheer, fans can expect exciting incentives – 25 surprise gift hampers and if you submit your cheer in a group of 5, 2 of the best group video submissions can win a trip to the T20 World Cup in Sri Lanka!

About the ‘Cheer for champions’ anthem

‘Cheer for Champions’ can be accessed on a neat and comprehensive Facebook app on the Vicks India page with four tabs – Home, Submit your Cheer, Gallery and About the Anthem. A user who lands up on the Home page can find all about the anthem and what’s in it for her. The countdown to the anthem is displayed on a live ticker in terms of days, hours and minutes left.

The submission showcase displays a gallery of selected submissions made to the anthem as entries are subject to moderation so as to avoid the use of strong language. You can submit a cheer in whatever way you wish to show your passion – a yell, a scream, a chorus, a song!

There are 3 ways to submit your entry: Record through your webcam, Record on audio clip or Upload an audio or video file of not more than 30 seconds duration.

You can keep watching the ‘about the anthem’ tab for ongoing developments around the anthem.

How cool is Cheer for Champions?

The concept of creating an anthem to cheer for the nation is not all that great but getting your community to join in is. It helps bring in the social aspect into this campaign. Besides having a cool concept, the app is well designed with a neat layout, smooth navigation and provides for a great user experience. The FAQ feature is again a good thing to have, especially in a campaign that calls for so much but I couldn’t find the Terms & Conditions page.

In addition, I’m impressed that the campaign moderates all submissions. In fact, it is absolutely essential in all contests since there are times I have been horrified with the sight of some entries displayed in the gallery. There are cartoons or animated images in a photo contest or worse, personal photos have been uploaded in a nature photography contest.

However, the featured video submissions in the gallery are quite slow in responding. Also, I would have preferred to know how the submissions will be featured in the final anthem.

Roping in the community to create an anthem, a community song or an ad jingle is the trend now. I’m reminded of a similar campaign launched in the beginning of this year to salute real life heroes. Hero MotoCorp had launched the ‘Billion Voices’ campaign along with A. R. Rahman, where fans were invited to upload a video with them singing the ‘Hum mein hain hero‘ jingle and get a chance to feature in the final video.

While I go ahead to add my cheer to the Vicks India ‘Cheer for Champions’ anthem, I’m hoping you do too. Also, do share if you liked the campaign?