Vicks India Hunt For The Power Of Voice On Facebook

About the Vicks India "Power Of Voice" contest on Facebook

Vicks India

Vicks India is on the hunt for the most powerful voice of India on Facebook and is giving away Sony PSP, Nokia Lumia 710 and iPad2 as prizes.

This monsoon, Vicks India is showering prizes on its Facebook page through the Vicks Power of Voice contest. I had come across a Facebook ad by Vicks India with an interesting deal – got something powerful to say? Post on your page and win Nokia Lumia. I didn’t want the phone but the ad text sounded appealing enough to demand a click.

About the Vicks India Power of Voice Contest

The click on the ad took me directly to an app on the Vicks India Facebook page ‘Vicks Power of Voice”. I must say it’s been extensively designed leaving no room for me to point issues, at least not at the beginning. I had to ‘like’ the page to participate though.

As you can see in the screenshot above, the auto slider gives you a neat and simple explanation of how you can participate in the contest. The accompanying text explains the same in more detail along with the prizes. The tabs on the top are self-explanatory. It was good to see the FAQs and T&Cs along with the main tabs making it easier to locate.

The contest is about nominating a post on your Facebook newsfeed that you believe is inspiring, powerful or thought-provoking. Both the nominee and the nominator will win prizes – PSP for daily prizes, Nokia Lumia for weekly prizes and iPad2 for the grand prize. The daily prizes are selected on the basis of public votes whereas the weekly and grand prize will be nominated as well as selected by the Vicks team based on the post’s content.

Sadly, by the time I clicked on nominate, it was 12:00 noon and nominations closed for the day! I could browse through the gallery and vote for others entries though. The gallery has a search option as well as a sort by option that you can use to find latest entries or top voted ones. You can also see the past winners and their entries.

How good is the app?

It seems to me that the days for poorly designed apps on Facebook are over. The Vicks India Power of voice app has a very neat layout for starters. I was impressed by the design making use of the brand colours and the smooth navigation it offered. In fact, I was delighted at the beginning itself when the Facebook ad took me directly to the contest app.

Besides, being a ‘like’ campaign it also helps to grow the community if not anything else. Apart from the app, what felt good to see was the the page admin responding to queries on the page. Again a good app for a Facebook contest. Here are a few things we could keep in mind:

1. Design & Execution: Apps are meant to be used by laypersons like me. Hence, they should be very simple to understand with step by step instructions and should give directions to move back and forth. Adding a FAQ section is something I appreciate especially in an app that is needed for an extended period of time. Listing the Terms & Conditions on the tab as well as the bottom of the app is another small feature that has made all the difference. I loved the overall user experience created by the app.

2. Abides by Facebook guidelines: At the beginning, when the app asked for permissions, I skipped it and was allowed in. Some apps do not proceed without the user granting it permissions, which are anyway optional.

Since, I couldn’t nominate any entry, it wasn’t possible for me to see whether the ‘share’ option was available after I had nominated any post. But it seems the entries are displayed on the gallery only after your nominee has approved it. The gallery only has a ‘vote’ option.

While I continue with the app, you can nominate your ‘inspiring’ entries before 12pm tomorrow and do remember the contest is open only till the 29th of this month. Good Luck with the iPad2!