How Art, Tech & Social Are Working In Real Time For The 72 hour Art-a-Thon Campaign #Vibeupmylife

Lenovo Mobile India and Experience Commerce are running a 72 hour Art-a-Thon to promote the world's first layered phone. We look at the real time execution from accepting a user challenge to creating the final vibed photo

Experience Commerce Vibeupmylife

Creativity has no limits as long as you keep challenging the status quo. The creative juices flow more frequently when you are challenged under pressure. Karan Talwar aka Bollywood Gandu known for his stand up comedy, wanted an image makeover so he challenged Lenovo India Mobile and its digital agency Experience Commerce, if they could vibe up his life with hair. The challenge was accepted and how!

If that’s not enough to crack you up, then here’s another one for tech nerd Ankit aka Gadgetwala.

There are more if you land up on the Vibeupmylife site, scroll down and you can find a gallery of vibed up photos.

A 72 hour Art-a-Thon

#VibeUpMyLife is a 72-hour-long Art-a-Thon where you can challenge Rad artists to add exciting vibes to your pictures or pictures of your friends and stand a chance to win the world’s first layered phone. It is also an effort to promote Lenovo’s layered phone which is supposed to be the world’s first layered phone to be launched in the capital tomorrow. (Find the contest details here)

Sandip Maiti, CEO and Founder at Experience Commerce that has taken the uphill task of marrying creativity with tech shared that day one was crazy with more than 700 submissions through social media.

To understand the background efforts and planning, I dialed Aarti Shah, Creative Director at Experience Commerce; after a bit of a struggle I could borrow time from her - “The day has been mad and it is just noon and we are getting great challenges from the users which is our energy drink right now. The response from users have been good which is keeping us all charged up for last two days.”

Things were not that good on day one as the entire campaign got preponed and Aarti had nothing in her grip. After getting a nod from the client, Aarti was tasked with getting the best of the Rad artists and convincing them to work under one roof for 72 hours. “A project like this is a great break for all of us from the routine work and creative artists look for such opportunities to challenge themselves and produce great collaborative work.”

We realized that if we are adding a layer it should have a twist in the story or photo.

With a few dry runs over the weekend and help from internal staff the team was looking to go for doodling but soon realized that though the art was good, it lacked the story. “We realized that if we are adding a layer it should have a twist in the story or photo. On day one with the initial artists I was amazed to see awesome concept from the artists. So a lot of my pain was reduced and we stuck to the original plan.”

Initially the team was thinking that they would get a lot of selfies but after seeing the creativity, users got inspired and have been sharing interesting photos. She further added, “Thanks to the artists, our team could really come up with some creative ideas that could surprise people and eventually make them smile.”



Art, tech and social media team effort

For this 72-hour-long Art-a-Thon, the agency is working from 8 AM to 11 PM informed Virinder Singh Villkhoo, Creative Director at Experience Commerce. Virinder who is also managing the content and social media team informed that the entire project is managed by three teams - art, tech and social.

We are not going with the first idea, we are really putting thought into it.

The day starts with the social media guys removing unwanted submissions and bringing in the rest to the ideation room for Aarti and Virinder to decide what goes on the idea board post filtration. Thereafter it is the job of the artists to pick up a photo submitted for a challenge. “At times I pick up photo which inspires me or I have connected with a hashtag, but at times I picked a hashtag which I didn’t connect as a challenge and it has turned out really well,” added Ayesha Kapadia - a freelance artist who is trying to add an intelligent angle to every photo along with the copy team. “We are not going with the first idea, we are really putting thought into it.”

Virinder informed me that every artist is sitting with a copy person while working on a challenge. “The idea is to tell better stories, the artist is giving the visual technique and the copy guy works on it while polishing the idea to make it interesting. So these two ideate together, come to us after getting a go ahead from us and thereafter they have 45 minutes to churn out the idea.”

Once the challenge is picked up and after getting a go ahead, the social media team announces it on the network and waits for the final output to be published on social media and the website.

Besides the art and social media team, there is the tech team which has developed the website with interesting features. Yatin Godse, the tech guy at the agency said that the team has introduced two new tabs on the site - 1. Challenge Accepted, and 2. The Buzz which summarizes the challenges delivered till now and what people are talking about the campaign on social media. ‘Built In Layers’ is another section on the website which depicts a visual countdown to the phone launch, while it is being built-in layers.

“The challenges that are being featured on the website have a built-in mechanism which shows the before after of the photos,” said Yatin who is currently working on another new tab for the site.

Challenges and expectations

So most good photos have the same hashtag and the challenge for us is to produce something different with the same layer

Talking about the challenges Virinder informed that making people understand about adding a layer to a photo is difficult. “Making people understand what is this layer on my photo is the challenge and then exciting users to think more than romance and thrill layers since they don’t know the possibilities. So most good photos have the same hashtag and the challenge for us is to produce something different with the same layer.”

Getting it right at the first time is a challenge, Virinder shared an incident where after 15 mins the entire work had to be redone as the new idea was much more interesting. This craziness has kept the team alive which is continuing with the challenge today as submissions pour in and also taking up some current events to vibe up. The team decided to start with a much required consolation for Greg Chappell, the one time coach of the Indian cricket team.

Meanwhile #VibeUpMylife has trended on Twitter making the brand champion in Experience Commerce, Sharmistha Dey very happy. “We engaged influencers from varied streams to ensure it reaches a wider mass and to trend #VibeUpMylife. We have remarkable traction resulting in entries and phenomenal engagement. As of yesterday, #VibeUpMyLife and @Lenovo_in already trended in Mumbai.”

The world’s first layered phone is going to be launched tomorrow in Delhi and the team has already layered a story via social media.