Day 3 NOV 6, 2014 - The world’s first layered phone to be unveiled today!


The launch saw the most enthusiastic crowd with tech bloggers, print and media folks. Here’s a summary of the day’s events held at Le Meridien Delhi. Some pictures that capture the vibe.

Lenovo Vibe X2 launch

Lenovo Vibe X2 launch1


Day 2 NOV 5, 2014 - #vibeupmylife is on a roll!


Photos are pouring in on Facebook as well as Twitter. The Rad artists are working round the clock accepting user challenges in real time and adding layers of excitement to their photos. Be it a touch of romance, mystery or super fast adventure, their creative juices are flowing in full tide, and users have nothing to complain about. Check these out:


More vibed up photos here and here. You want to participate too? Here’s how to play the #VibeUpMyLife challenge.

The team vibes on…Wondering what happens when a user challenges the team? Here’s how the art, tech & social media teams are working together round the clock to add artistic layers in ways you could never have imagined.


Day 1 NOV 4, 2014 - The vibe begins #vibeupmylife


What is #vibeupmylife? A 72 hour Art-a-Thon where you can challenge Rad artists to add exciting vibes to your pictures or pictures of your friends and stand a chance to win the world’s first layered phone. Find contest details here.


What’s vibing at #vibeupmylife? The Rad artists are adding exciting layers to user challenges, check out a few below.

A vibe of romance for @NehaChawla_


A holiday vibe for @_ShanayaS


A funky vibe for @lakshmisharath


Behind the scenes captured on Snapchat (ID: vibeupmylife)


Meet the team

Rad artists at work taking on user challenges in full swing. Adding exciting vibes of fun, romance, mystery, bling, adventure, and more.


Art, tech and social media come together for the 72 hour Art-a-Thon #Vibeupmylife

Experience Commerce Vibeupmylife

Busy at work: A sneak peek into how the artists are taking on a variety of challenges.

NOV3, 2014 - Getting ready for the vibe


Behind the scenes captured on Snapchat (ID: vibeupmylife)

Some brainstorming, dry runs and chai breaks!