Catch Your Flight To The Grammys Via VH1-Nescafé Ticket 2 Ride

About the joint VH1 and Nescafé India Facebook campaign that is inviting fans to a microsite to answer questions with an incentive to watch the 55th Annual Grammy Awards in LA.


Answering questions, choosing lucky winner, trip to LA, NY or like wise…. Sounds familiar? Welcome to another episode of seen-it-before-campaigns.

It’s the month of January and other than belated New Year wishes, the most common things are Award Ceremonies. Well, Grammy Awards are sure to make the headlines - on TV, on radio and yes, on Twitter too while it’s on. But the ‘Ticket to Ride’ contest, which has been meant to hype up the social media atmosphere pre-event, lacks innovation and one could even say “publicity”.

VH1-Nescafé India Ticket 2 Ride

In association with Nescafé, VH1 is out to give its fans a chance to be part of the event. In LA!


Being run on Nescafé’s Facebook Page, as “Ticket 2 Ride Contest”, the app redirects to a  microsite of its own. There the participant is asked 5 questions related to the Grammys. Thankfully, the questions aren’t too lame as most questions one would see in such contests. All the answers are just a Google search away but atleast they have made sure that the audience is not taken for being fools.

Along with the answers, the participant’s details like - name, mail ID, phone number, city and age are also collected. You fill up these boxes, answer the questions, click on the “Submit” button, and voila, you’re done!

Is it an integrated campaign?

Tomorrow, 24th January 2013, is the end date of the contest and I still haven’t seen much publicity being given on other channels. On VH1 India’s Twitter there has been just a maximum of 2-3 tweets regarding this.  I don’t think Nescafé’s Twitter Team even knows such a contest is being run. VH1 India is providing ample publicity to this via its Facebook Page and trying to route all fans to Nescafé’s Page. And they are succeeding very well at that too. Other than that, most of the publicity is being done by the viral factor. But I doubt it’s the virality of the contest as such. Its more because of the prize and the VH1 India-Nescafé Community.

How good is Ticket 2 Ride?

I love coffee. I love music on VH1 too. And I definitely did answer all the questions they asked me on the contest. But regardless of all that I still don’t consider the campaign to be awesome or wonderful. Its more of a seen-it-before campaign. There is no spark or innovation in it.

The prize - Trip to watch the Grammys live is an awesome prize I agree. But the contest sure doesn’t rise upto the standards of it. In fact, nowhere on the main page of the contest or anywhere decently readable have they explained how the winners would be selected. Only if one downloads the Terms & Conditions document would he come to know that participants who answer the questions correctly would be interviewed by organizers and sponsors on their knowledge of Music and Television including nominations, etc. From them 3 winners would be selected of which again first winner would go to LA with a friend and runner-up winners would get a single ticket to  LA.

There actually is no need to hide all these details in T&C. They could have easily put this in the main page. This sort of increases my doubts on the transparency of the contest, no offence. Having to read through the T&C to just understand the contest better, really isn’t something I am happy about.

Nevertheless, it isn’t a bad campaign to try your luck for an all expense paid trip to the Grammys!