Vh1 India Hits 1 Million Fans: Celebrates With Fansgiving Contests

A review of Vh1 India Fansgiving contests on Facebook as the brand hits the 1 million mark

Gaining a million fans on Facebook, either earned or paid by applying a lot of push and pull techniques, and then building buzz around this achievement with contests and loads of goodies, seems to be a tried and tested Facebook formula, that every brand is willing to risk. However, the celebrations could differ. Vh1, the English entertainment channel from media group, Viacom 18 has launched the Vh1 Fansgiving contests for hitting the 1 million milestone on Facebook.

About the Fansgiving Campaign:

The Fansgiving contests comprises of seven daily contests from May 28 to Jun 3 beginning at 11:00 am and ending at 5:00 pm daily. Ten winners will be chosen every day and will receive Vh1 merchandise. In addition, there is a bonus round too at the end of the Fansgiving week. A single winner with correct answers throughout the week will be declared Vh1’s one in a million fan and featured on TV! Questions are centred around music and might be easy for the real fans of the channel.

Although the contest is run on a Facebook app, participants have to send their entries via an email displayed at the bottom of the app, along with name, age, address and contact details.

My thoughts on the Fansgiving Campaign:

Despite having a beautiful graphic design and fun incentives for participation, the app created for the Fansgiving contests could have been a lot better. At least it could have a tab displaying the daily winners. I liked the fact that the Terms & Conditions page was linked to the app and thus easily locatable. But I am not impressed by the email entries required for participation. A simple check box or text box could have sufficed for the same. It seems to me that the brand is executing an email collection campaign rather than a thanksgiving one!

The contest is in honour of the fans, since a ‘like’ is not required to participate. Perhaps, with this thank you contests, the brand wants to get more closer to this 1 million community. In that case, it comes across as a well-thought out move by Vh1.

Besides the app, I noticed the brand has ignored two Facebook guidelines – one while declaring the daily winners and other in the cover page. As per Facebook promotion guidelines, the wall cannot be used for declaring winners. If your app is not designed to announce winners every day, you could create a Facebook tab or note and then provide the link on the wall. Just in case, you haven’t seen this much-violated Facebook guideline, then here it is:

[pullquote id=lhipull class=’center_lhi’]“You must not notify winners through Facebook, such as through Facebook messages, chat, or posts on profiles (timelines) or Pages.”[/pullquote]

The cover page for timeline feature was introduced beginning April this year, but took time to take off really. Vh1 has an interesting cover page that talks about the fansgiving contests but it also has an arrow pointing downwards, either to the app or maybe the ‘like’ button. Again, as per Facebook cover page guidelines, you cannot have such arrows. Here’s the link for the guideline and the text:

[pullquote id=lhipull class=’center_lhi’]Covers may not include: references to Facebook features or actions, such as “Like” or “Share” or an arrow pointing from the cover photo to any of these features.[/pullquote]

Thanking your community is always appreciated, that’s why I like these 1 million thank you celebrations. I kind of really liked that one lucky fan with all right answers gets to be featured on TV. However, instead of the usual contest-style celebrations and goodies giveaway, brands could do a little differently this year. When HP India crossed the 1 lakh mark, it celebrated by co-creating ‘Rise Up’ - a song that was created by the Facebook community for the Facebook community.

What is your take on the Vh1 India 1 million fans celebration?