Vespa India’s ‘Spot & Win’ - Designed To Gather Contact Details Through Facebook

A look at Vespa India's 'Spot & Win' contest on Facebook, where lucky fans can win Vespa merchandise and Vespa builds a database of contact details.

Vespa India

A look at Vespa India’s ‘Spot & Win’ contest on Facebook, where lucky fans can win Vespa merchandise and Vespa builds a database of contact details.

Post the spectacular digital launch early this year by the iconic Italian two-wheeler brand, Vespa India has now launched a TVC to compliment its association with fashion and lifestyle. The brand seems to be following a plan wherein the rich history is shared first through digital media and then follows it up with promotions on the mass media.

The new TVC provides fodder to a Facebook contest ‘Spot & Win‘, where fans have to watch it closely to find answers. Lucky winners stand to win Vespa merchandise.

Vespa Spot & Win Facebook contest

The ‘Spot & Win’ Facebook contest actually gets you to watch the new TVC  quite a number of times.


The contest is exclusively open for fans though, so you have to like the page to be able to participate. The TVC has been embedded as a video with related questions below. Watch the TVC closely to spot details like people, colour and place. Answer the multiple choice questions and click submit.

Post submission, you are asked for contact details in case you win and need to be informed. The details are name, address, mobile number, city and physical address. After you have shared your contact details, a thank you message is displayed along with the Facebook share button, for you to spread the word with your friends.

How cool is Spot & Win?

The contest is a very simple one as compared to the ”Once upon a Vespa‘ campaign launched this April, but lacks the similar vision. Being a ‘like’ contest, it will help grow the community but how many would be Vespa lovers is questionable. Also, I see a major flaw in its objective that is to promote the new TVC with its Facebook community. Under the guise of TVC promotion, ‘Spot & win’ seems to be a mere low-cost collection of fan details, to fuel other marketing campaigns by Vespa.

Another point to note here is that there is absolutely no need to ask for contact details to notify winners.  The T&Cs of the contest clearly state that the app will be used to announce winners. Moreover, the app could have easily pulled out my name and email address stored in Facebook, instead of me having to go through all the pain.

Following my experience with ‘Once upon a Vespa’ (had crowned it with a #win), I had really high hopes with ‘Spot & win’. ‘Once upon a Vespa’ had been launched very carefully after spending a lot of time on the drawing board. Introducing the brand’s rich heritage in a fun contest on an interactive website with the answers hidden in the Facebook timeline, was a brilliant concept. However, a few had complained about the extensive contest but a trip to Italy or a Vespa was a tempting compensation too. So, in comparison, Spot & win also follows the same pattern - clues based contest with Vespa merchandise for prizes - but much reduced in complexity.

First, a spectacular digital launch with an interactive website and an amazing Facebook page and now a contest under the guise of gathering contact details. I’m not happy with where Vespa is going along with its rich legacy. How about you?