Understanding The YouTube Content Strategy Of VCCircle

Shrija Agrawal, Managing Editor at VCCircle talks about the growth of the YouTube channel, the evolving content strategy and the road ahead in videos


Post Rahul Yadav frenzy, Ritesh Agarwal – the 21-year-old Indian entrepreneur who is the founder and CEO of OYO Rooms is the current poster boy of Indian startup eco-system. Coming from the hinterland of Cuttack, Orissa Ritesh is the story that the market was waiting to happen. His company, a travel marketplace with presence in 100 cities, recently raised $100 million from Japan’s SoftBank.

The face of the young Indian startup eco-system talks about his entrepreneurial journey and about his $400 million valued startup OYO Rooms in this 19-minute engaging video published by VC Circle. The video published more than a week ago has fetched more than 3K views.

VCCircle, a familiar name in the Indian online publication world has been a pre-eminent source of news, information and data for the Indian investment ecosystem. Founded in 2005 by Sahad P.V. the publication moved to YouTube in 2011, after realizing the growing demand for content around Indian startup and entrepreneurial scene.

“With more information needs on startups, companies that are breaking out, investments and so on, investors across the world are looking at India and they want an on-the-ground feel of the entrepreneurial ecosystem in the country. The best possible way to do that digitally is in the video format where you can provide a glimpse of how the startup looks like, its office, its culture and most importantly it helps the audience connect with the founder,” Shrija Agrawal, Managing Editor at VCCircle informed.

Today the YouTube channel has more than 2600 subscribers who regularly consume a variety of original content uploaded by VCCircle. Over time the content strategy of the publication has evolved specially this year with a strong audience feedback. Citing an example Shrija said that initially the publication began with interviews on the sidelines of the popular VCCircle events. Later it forayed into specific shows when it felt that there is traction and audience stickiness.

The interview with Sunil Goyal, Founder & CEO, YourNest Angel Fund is the latest addition to the popular section of interviews.


In addition to this TC Show Off, is another popular web episode that VCCircle has been producing for a decent period now. I am told that the entire idea behind TC Show Off was to provide the startups with a credible platform to come and showcase their ideas, receive feedback and spread awareness about their product/service.

“We have a wide reach to business executives, fund managers, opinion leaders and other affluent and well-educated audience. Start-ups who showcase at TC Showoff come back and tell us that the response they received particularly from the investor fraternity has been outstanding. The show has been going strong, and we will soon finish 50 episodes,” Shrija informed.

Here’s the 46th episode that features Surabhi Dewra showcasing the potential of her startup CareerGuide.


Additionally, the channel uploads videos related to the variety of events that it keeps conducting and a special show known as the Feature Entrepreneurs. For instance in the below 20-minute video Aashish Kalra, Chairman of Cambridge Technology Enterprises talks about why India is the ideal destination for big data and analytics right now.


“Entrepreneur conversations provide insights into the founder’s vision, the highs and lows of their start-up journey, execution plan and other such relevant aspects. Here, we have looked across a spectrum of entrepreneurs from different sectors – consumer, healthcare, infrastructure and not necessarily restricting ourselves to tech alone. The response has been fantastic here too as some of our videos have gotten more than 10,000 views.”

Shrija further informed me that the growth so far has been due to the strong brand loyalty the company has cultivated over the years. “There is a community of people out there who have depended on us for building their businesses, raise funding, and build their sales pipeline. They wait for our updates. So there is a huge brand loyalty. Till now the focus has only been to produce high quality content.”

“We have started leveraging social media now to distribute the content to a wider audience,” she added.

The focus so far has been on producing original content which is often ignored and least understood by mainstream media. “We dissect big deals, chronicle entrepreneurial journeys, profile not only high growth startups but also mid-market entrepreneurs, interview marquee investors and so on.”

Going further VCCircle – which earlier in the year got acquired by News Corp., the media and publishing firm owned by Rupert Murdoch – plans to strengthen the video team and offer more innovative shows. “We just moved to a new office with more facilities, and now we have the wherewithal to invest in new ideas, experiment and grow on back of huge learning’s that they have acquired over the years. We will continue doing more innovative shows and perhaps strengthen the videos team.”