Van Heusen Taps Into Your LinkedIn Connections To Search For The Most Fashionable Professionals

Review of Van Heusen's LinkedIn contest called 'The Most Fashionable Professionals' where LinkedIn members can nominate 10 of their fashionable connections for a makeover

Van Heusen, the premium lifestyle brand for men, women and youth, has teamed up with the world’s largest professional networking site, LinkedIn to make a fashionable presence on social media. The premium clothing brand is running an initiative powered by LinkedIn, to help identify the most fashionable professionals amongst the 20 million Indian professionals on the network.

Through this contest, LinkedIn members can nominate up to 10 of the most fashionable professionals from their network. Of all the nominations received, Van Heusen and its panel of judges will pick 10 worthy winners (5 men and 5 women), each of whom will receive wardrobe upgrades of Rs.25000.To add another exciting element to this contest, every person who nominates will receive a Van Heusen discount voucher worth Rs.500.

The most fashionable professionals

Hop on to the ‘Fashionable Professionals’ microsite; sign in with your LinkedIn account and begin with your nominations. After signing in, the app pulls up your LinkedIn connections. Begin with the first step of nominations by selecting 10 of the most fashionable professionals in your list. Then move on to defining their sense of fashion one by one.

Define the look from the given options for females - glamorous, sophisticated, good looking and modern, and for males as experimental, classy and sophisticated, young and preppy or makes a bold statement.

There is a default check box selected as ‘Publish to profile’. Deselect this if you do not want to publish these.


There is also a leaderboard with - My nominations, Most nominations and Who nominated me. One can share on Facebook or LinkedIn with the buttons provided beside each of the nominations. This is a one-time nomination, post which you are emailed a discount voucher worth Rs.500 which is valid on a minimum purchase of Rs. 2000.

The microsite also features helpful expert advice and style tips.

Is it a good fit?

Van Heusen is sure experimenting with the professional network. Apparently, LinkedIn’s member base of over 20 million Indian professionals will enable the brand to connect with the right kind of audience for its products. Designed for driving engagement, the ‘Most Fashionable Professional’ contest has good incentives thrown in too, along with a clean, bug-free user experience. However, tapping into a member’s professional network might not make good business sense for the premium clothing brand. And, here’s why -

People tend to guard their professional contacts and would never, at any cost, do anything to irk their well-earned professional connections. On a network like LinkedIn where members are striving to have more connections who are ‘higher up the ladder’, they might find it awkward to participate despite the assured prize of a discount voucher for 10 nominations. That said - this could be a fun thing among colleagues to win the makeover. The top 10 nominations at the moment have 5 professionals from the same company!

Nevertheless, it is refreshing to see campaigns being run solely on LinkedIn. A few months ago, the Australian Tourism Board had launched a contest for LinkedIn professionals - ‘Who deserves a break in Oz?‘. Similar to Van Heusen’s most fashionable one, here you needed to nominate 10 connections who you believe deserved a break. The grand prize was a Australia holiday.

With these campaigns, LinkedIn does provide brands another platform to engage with target consumers while also promoting themselves, but in the process, the network has begun to resemble other social networks and risks losing its professional edge. What do you think about this?