Valueabled, It Pays To Have Values!

A review of Valueabled, a Tata Steel powered campaign that serves as a platform enabling discussing and sharing values.

With their ‘Values Stronger Than Steel’ campaign, Tata Steel had moved beyond steel and into a much larger territory, with the vision to capture values that make us what we are.  Taking this vision forward, Tata had created a website mid last year namely ‘’, that was solely dedicated to foster a spirit of values among Indians.  The site was in the news as it had revamped recently to be more youth-centric and interactive. Besides, it is also WAP enabled now and has a tablet app ‘Valuesapp’ for all iPad visitors. I decided to explore this unique digital campaign and here’s what I found:

‘Valueabled’ or the ‘values nation’ is designed similar to a modern nation with high rises and urban architecture. The feel is young, appealing and sure buys me at first sight. No lengthy forms to fill and a whole load of points to win, for becoming a Valuezen! You can login through Facebook or Google or fill a basic login form and begin to explore with 100 value points stashed in your kitty. You can visit the various buildings to experience the values nation and earn value points. I started with the Values Arcade but it would be really helpful if you watch the Youtube video explaining all about valueabled before you begin your journey.

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The Values Arcade is a virtual play area with Valuegram, a game that tests your word formation skills and Value quotient which is to test your ethics and how valueabled you are. You can play Value Quotient only once after registering.

The Values Library lets you access the archives to take a peek into Values Nation’s origins. I clicked on one of the values, ‘Giving’ and was shown a list of links related to acts of giving by various NGO’s  and other related articles. You can share these links on Facebook, Twitter or Google Plus and earn value points. Besides, you can also contribute your own content by uploading text, photos, video  or external links.

The Valueseum is a virtual museum exhibiting the ad campaigns that Tata Group has believed in and the values it has helped nurture  in the community. You can earn points by visiting the various exhibits of real life people and sharing their inspiring stories. I certainly came away touched.

Next I entered the Values Fraternity where you can nominate and vote for your favorite Valuezen from various fields and earn points for the same. You can also take part in polls realted to current affairs in the country and discussions to chat with celebrity guests. By now I had made 210 value points that is always displayed at the top left corner in a tracker.


You can check out the current and forthcoming events by visiting the Valuevents building. There is a neat dropdown list which you can select events based on your interests from environment and sports to science and arts, and find out how you can be a part of the event.

I found the Value Visions to be worthwhile for people who really want to bring about change and for whom this platform could prove useful. Here you can upload your innovative ideas and the top five ideas will be put up for voting. Again points can be earned for voting. I clicked on the Gallery of Creations to see a bunch of ideas submitted by users, that ranged from saving petrol to teaching social etiquettes at school to creating Braille readers for the visually impaired.

I was inquisitive about my value points and how I could redeem them, so I visited the Values Bank at once. Here I saw the statistics, meaning how I earned my value points. Don’t miss to go through the redemption process as I came to know that points should be redeemed in 90 days or you lose them. Besides, you can refer the site to your friends and earn points too. The Valuabled catalogue displays a list of items that you can redeem your points for. For instance, there is a Crucible of Fire DVD for 25000 points while for 250000 value points, I could get the Tata Steel Centenary Watch. Alas! I had only 250 points!

The site is also backed up by a solid Facebook and Twitter presence. Facebook has more than 55,000 fans with regular updates on the wall that reflect the sentiments as on the website. There are polls on current affairs, inspiring links that teach values as well as announcements of the Valuezen of the week. The two things that stand out in the Facebook page is its engagement and the objective-driven approach. Twitter is not far behind considering that the medium is made for sharing articles and connecting with people.

A few noteworthy points I’ll take away with me are:

  • The ‘gamification’ involved around nurturing values in the youth and rewarding them for it.
  • Bringing in the WAP and the ‘Valuesapp’ app for tablet, making it more accessible.
Indeed, it pays to be a Valuezen and as Tata Steel says, “A nation is not only built on steel, but also on pride”, I believe that the brand has taken the ‘Values Stronger than steel’ message and put it on the walls of history.