Vadilal Invites You To Feature In It’s 2013 Calendar Via Facebook Contest

About India's second largest ice cream maker, Vadilal's 'Freeze the moment' Facebook Contest where consumers have been invited to upload their pictures and stand the chance to feature in the brand's 2013 calendar


Ice creams are always a hit in a tropical country like ours. So how about if you could feature for a whole month on the 2013 calendar of  India’s second largest ice cream maker? And, if you are extra lucky, you could also feature in the brand’s TVCs! It does sound like an exciting opportunity to be able to lend your face to your favourite ice cream. In a surprising move, Vadilal has announced the ‘Freeze the moment’ contest that invites entries from the youth aged between 15 and 26 years, to feature on its 2013 calendar.


And, the process is easy too – just head on over to the Vadilal Facebook page and go to the contest app named ‘Freeze the moment“. Click a happy picture of you having a Vadilal ice cream, upload it on the app and cross your fingers.

I am quite impressed with the app. It serves its purpose and works just fine. Moreover, it has been designed well along with being informative and neat. When you click the upload button, it gives you the various file formats that are supported along with the maximum sizes that you can upload. In addition, it also asks you for name, email and city.

The Facebook page has been quite active with regular updates about the contest. Vadilal’s Twitter page is also promoting the contest along with other tweets. However, Facebook hasn’t been used to its full potential as a social network giant. It would have been a delight to see the submitted entries and probably the concept of voting and sharing could have been introduced.

Nonetheless, making a shift from celebrities to focusing on your consumers is an excellent marketing move. This sure gives a boost to Vadilal bringing it closer to its consumers.