Innovative Promotion For Barfi Movie On YouTube

About the innovative way how Bollywood movie Barfi is using Youtube for its promotion on social media

UTV Motion Pictures’ upcoming movie ‘Barfi’, slated for a release on September 14 has launched an innovative campaign on YouTube where users can interact with the main character.

Bollywood movie Barfi is an upcoming Indian romantic comedy. The movie has been directed by Anurag Basu and has Ranbir Kapoor, Priyanka Chopra and Ileana D’Cruz playing as the lead roles in the movie. It is expected to be released on 14th September, 2012 and is all set for creating promotional buzz about the movie.

How is Barfi promoting on YouTube?

UTV Motion Pictures, producers of the movie have chosen a funny and interactive way to create awareness. The makers of the movie have opted for YouTube as the network for creating the online buzz. A dedicate tab has been created - ‘Barfi’ and the tab has all the excitement.

Once you are on the tab, the video that plays has Ranbir Kapoor himself  introducing the main lead - Barfi, the filmy character to you. Ranbir goes on sharing some funny bits about Barfi so that fans get to know him. Once that is over, the video turns into an interactive fun-loving app. As a user, you can now get interactive with Barfi. Either you can ask Barfi to show how to impress girls or you can change his mood and Barfi will enact that for you.

Lets say if you want to see how Barfi can dance to impress a girl or how would he flirt then you need to type that and Barfi will do it for you. Similarly, you can change Barfi’s mood by typing. So you can type nerdy, excited, angry, etc. and Barfi will show the different moods in his style. But make sure that you type and then only Barfi gets to know what you want from him. And don’t act smart by typing anything which doesn’t make sense as Barfi is smart and will make a face and walk away!

Is it innovative?

Definitely this is innovative and an engaging idea from the makers of Barfi. The interactive app is not only interesting but designed perfectly. For example, the character Barfi in the movie is a deaf-mute person so the app only works when you type. Additionally, you have the original character Ranbir guiding you on how one should use the app.

The app scores full marks on the design aspect. The app provides a set of words that you can type and Barfi will enact that for you. These are small but significant features and help bring the user one step closer to the online engagement.

Ending Thoughts

Bollywood in the past has been investing heavily on social media for promotions and creating awareness. Movies like Ra.One, Don2, etc. had massive budgets for online promotions including Gangs of Wasseypur. Along with these, every movie that is releasing this year has a Facebook, Twitter and YouTube page. The presence is there but there is nothing unique about the content or engagement.

Barfi, in comparison to all the others, stands apart for two reasons mainly: 1) Uniqueness and 2) Engagement. The campaign is definitely unique but at the same time it has made sure that it buys time from the user. Recently, I had reviewed Chakravyuh which is creating comic books to create awareness about the movie and we had also seen in the past how Gangs of Wasseypur created movie characters on Twitter and they became the talk of the town.

I am excited to see the way Barfi is using YouTube and in doing so it has certainly set a new benchmark for others. What is your reaction to the YouTube promotional campaign of Barfi?