Uttar Pradesh Police PR Joins In The Social Media Brigade, Says “Tweet Complaints. Get Results”

Uttar Pradesh Police PR has started a social media presence on Facebook and Twitter to take complaints and help with law and order with the help of citizens


In a mission to provide ‘better service’, the Uttar Pradesh Police Public Relations department has resorted to the use of social media armed with a brand new Facebook page created this March and a Twitter account too. (New source: Medianama) As given in the Facebook ‘About’ page, the page is managed by Deputy Director Information UP Govt Mr. Ashok Kumar Sharma in charge for Uttar Pradesh Police Public Relations. The page plans to provide ‘Instant Official Police updates, Reactions and Interactions from the largest State of India’. The Twitter bio takes the cake though with ‘Tweet complaints. Get results’!

UP police PR social media

In a state that is always in the news for its weak law and order system, this new social media stint hopes to build a stronger image of the UP police. The Twitter account that went official from the 1st of April has 1K+ tweets to its credit and it also follows more than 600 people. One glance at the page and you see it is a ‘conversational’ handle, open for suggestions as well as criticism. Tweets are in English and Hindi just as the updates on its Facebook page.

While most tweets invite people to share their complaints, many are informing people where to go for help. In fact, there is a tweet to the Bollywood superstar Amitabh Bachchan requesting him to spread the word amongst his 5 million followers.

Content shared on its Facebook page is more about the latest updates from the UP police website, and convincing excited fans not to start political discussions on the page but use it to strictly focus on issues in the city. Beginning this May 11, a status update even informed that the page will be monitored round the clock.

This is so good that it is almost unbelievable! A brilliant move by the young and social-savvy Akhilesh Yadav led UP government, which needs to be followed by other states too. Recently, we saw the Bangalore City Police that started its Facebook operations last year, nab eve teasers through a Facebook tip off and Delhi Traffic Police nab traffic violators through Facebook. We need Indian solutions to Indian problems and here we see instances how social media can be employed effectively.