How Utopeia’s #BadiDiwali connected with the Indian homemaker and grew sales for Reliance Fresh during Diwali

Case study by Utopeia & Reliance Fresh aimed to reach out to homemakers and boost Diwali sales, submitted under the category: 'Best Brand Building (B2C)' for LI Digital Awards 2017

Reliance Fresh #BadiDiwali

The Client

Reliance Fresh is India’s leading neighbourhood retail chain, synonymous with freshness & savings. With the three core promises of Fresh Hamesha, Available Hamesha and Savings Hamesha, Reliance Fresh is a one-stop-shop for fresh shopping, fresh savings and fresh happiness. Reliance Fresh has consistently appeared in the list of ‘Most Trusted’ Service brands in India by Brand Equity and is ranked No. 2. They offer a convenience of shopping everything that one may need for their home - be it fresh fruits & vegetables, rice, dals, oil, packaged food, bakery, dairy item, frozen, pet food, household cleaning items, specialised beauty & personal care products from a single virtual store.

The Agency

Utopeia is a new independent agency. Which means it does not have baggage to do things in a particular way. Nor are there rigid processes to follow. The only thing we look towards is results. We believe that it is our responsibility to ensure our clients have the best solution in order to achieve their marketing objectives. Strategy is at the core of everything that we do and digital is always at the heart.

Since Utopeia is known as a marketing solutions provider, we don’t always receive digital briefs. We receive briefs with business objectives and challenges and we try to solve them through creative digital solutions. Utopeia’s digital work has enabled many brands across diverse businesses, categories and budgets in India to adopt digital solutions as it has successfully impacted the core business of many non- digital brands.

Problem Statement

There is one time in the year when the world of both, offline & online communication, advertising, brand messaging reaches peak clutter - Diwali. Everyone is familiar with the flurry of emotions that pack our social media feeds, Whatsapp windows, wallets & outings during the season.

The season witnesses the biggest push from retailers across categories.

Reliance Fresh has been setting a precedent during this festive season by moving beyond transactions and mobilizing “real concerns of people” during the period. In 2015, the massively successful #DildaarDiwali redefined “family celebration time” by reminding people to extend sensitivity to their ignored member – the pet – during Diwali. The success of #DildaarDiwali kick-started a relationship of empathy between the brand and its core audience – the Indian homemaker – whilst also earning millions of impressions and lots of goodwill.

In 2016, we wanted to identify a retail property that would go beyond great supermarket deals and play an even more meaningful role as a brand in her life.

Identified Objectives

Shift Reliance Fresh’s impersonal, “convenience store” brand perception to a larger, personal role in the lives of Indian women.

We had to tackle a three-fold challenge in order to meet this objective:

Challenge 1: Diwali is peak clutter for retail with all brands trying to own space and attention with offers, deals, sales and celebratory noises.

Challenge 2: Everyday groceries are not exactly dhamaakedaar items on the consumer’s shopping list during Diwali.

Challenge 3: Unlike some categories, a Supermarket does not enter her personal space and is relegated to an impersonal space of “convenience”.

Our Key Challenge

How could an everyday grocery store be heard by Indian homemakers during the noisiest time of the year?

Our Key Objectives

A. Engage our brand believers and followers during a period where everyone is trying to get the customer’s attention and see an increase in impressions.

B. Increased share of revenue by 8% in core business category through increase in sales vis-à-vis last year.

C. Strengthen association with brand values of accessibility, value and family.

The Strategy/Execution

Putting aside “celebration focused” in favor of a more socially inclusive yet “solution focused” strategy around Diwali.

The season brought with it an overdose of Diwali charity emotions that turned into a “Fad” from blind children to safe crackers to underprivileged. It had become fashionable to turn Diwali into a time for charity. However, we wanted to create meaning with our core consumer – The Indian Housewife and Indian families, and address their immediate worries, anxieties and problems.

We believed this needed a paradigm shift in the overall “Typical Retailer” psyche.

Shift 1: Shift focus from being yet another platform for Diwali celebrations to identifying genuine roadblocks and problems for families.

Shift 2: Shift focus of brand’s role from distant well-wisher to functional, problem-solver.

Shift 3: Shift focus from “core TG” of “customers” to women and their families’ needs during Diwali.

In order to create meaning in the housewife’s life, we looked at what happens inside her household, kitchen and budgeting procedures pre-Diwali and during Diwali. Our research found that behind the festive occasion, lies the reality of immense pressure on Indian Homemakers.

She goes out of her way to make Diwali special for her family, what with cleaning and shopping to decorating to gifting and cooking extra special meals.


Diwali pressures most women to be the life of the festival, make it “large” for their family

But who helps her during this process?

It’s always another woman, usually the house help, shares the burden in making it a BIG DIWALI for her employer’s family.

Our Key Insight

When it comes to the really big, important occasions, it’s always another woman who has your back, often at the cost of her own festival.

We decided it was time for Indian families to return the favour.

The BIG Idea

Inspire a larger idea of family for Diwali 2016 , than the one we know

We believed you don’t need large acts of charity for a larger than life Diwali – you just need a large idea of what “family” means.

We wanted to inspire a whole new tradition for Diwali.

We wanted to give a new definition to a truly, Big Diwali.

Reliance Fresh introduces #BadiDiwali.

For when it comes to Diwali, nobody likes to cut corners. People like to open their purses and hearts alike on this occasion and no matter what class or background one comes from, on Diwali one tries to have a bigger celebration compared to everything else in the year.

Further, we believed that there was no better time than Diwali for eradicating the class barriers that crop up within the 4 walls of a home.

With a multi-channel call to action for people to open their hearts with #BadiDiwali and a film message that changed how Indians imagined “inclusiveness” within their families, Reliance Fresh inspired a multitude of ways for people to have a larger than life Diwali, without making it about spending more. 

The message would ring true to women’s hearts with films, online videos, social media activities and activations that they could immediately relate to.

Creative Strategy

From Film to Radio to Social Media to CSR – Every aspect of Diwali was made into #BadiDiwali.

1. Powerful film with an eye-opening message

The #BadiDiwali Film‘One woman’s Diwali becomes another woman’s bane’ was the creative insight with which we crafted an ode to women’s contribution to the festival with a unique twist. For the first time, the lady of the house was shown cooking a special meal for the help and her family and sharing the dining table with the second family, like equals, for it was not about charity, it was about family.

The script reflected a story straight from the inner life of our consumer and the tradeoff that happens between her and her help who also has her own Diwali to nurture.

2. Social Radio Integration with Dial-a-ladoo

On Radio, Mobile and social media we took the Diwali spirit higher.

With “Dial a Ladoo” we conducted a mission for our audience to give a  Badi Diwali to underprivileged children. For every call they made, a child was delighted with Diwali sweets.

One call = One child delighted with sweets.

3. Cross promotion with Radio Mirchi

Radio Mirchi and Reliance Fresh decided to celebrate Badi Diwali with the under privileged kids. Radio Mirchi called these kids to their office and celebrated Diwali with them. They showed these kids how the radio station works and these children were give gifts before they left the station.

The activity film was further shared on social media platforms and was appreciated by all our fans.

4. A social media web series of Festive Diwali Cooking

We didn’t just stop at advertising. We entered her life and kitchen through the ubiquitous festive ritual – FOOD – without which no Diwali was complete, and no homemaker’s life was sorted. We played a functional role in her cooking tradition by introducing her to innovations around festival food.

This was done in partnership with regional cuisine expert Harpal Singh Sokhi and made the campaign a splash on social media.

5. Shopper Innovation with In-Store Facebook LIVE Broadcast, with TV Star Mona Singh


Using Facebook Live Broadcast, we enabled homemakers to experience the #BadiDiwali IN-STORE sale with their favourite TV Bahu: CELEBRITY MONA SINGH. We invited Mona Singh to shop for her family’s Diwali needs at Reliance Fresh, and brought her journey live through Facebook.

To ensure all our fans and followers were well informed of the upcoming activity, we did a pre-event teaser with a store employee who was getting the store ready for the upcoming sale and was talking about the preparation they are doing for the sale.

On the day of the event, we created a Facebook event so that we could gain maximum live views and interaction when Mona Singh went live on the Reliance Fresh page. The Live broadcast gained a total of 949K views with 757 shares, 3K comments and 15K reactions.

6. Press & Radio Advertising: In order to ensure every touchpoint was covered, we also produced press ads for the on-ground sale and 4 radio spots around the #BadiDiwali message. They drew from unexpected gesture of goodness, kindness and generosity one needs to show to others.

7. Social Media Drive – Inspiring conversations using the #BadiDiwali around the emotional connect that our campaign had already stirred through the various executions during this time, asking people for their own stories, deeds and memories.

Reliance Fresh BadiDiwalicontest


  • The #BadiDiwali went viral and was one of the most watched films of the year, and was loved not only on TV but even gathered a whopping 7.4 Million+ views across social media platforms.
  • People fell in love with the message of Dil Bada Toh Diwali Badi, and the film received 10000 shares on Facebook itself, while featuring in pan-India YouTube Trending for more than 48 hours.
  • Not only was the campaign appreciated, but the #BadiDiwali campaign translated in 11.6% YoY increase in sales in the Diwali period for Reliance Fresh.
  • The campaign clocked in close to an astounding  425 Million social media impressions, making it one of the most successful campaigns of the year.
  • One of its kind celebrity led web series of innovative festive food original recipes with a different twist, with Chef Harpal Singh Sokhi, was loved by housewives across India and increased digital engagement rate by 23% YoY.
  • The campaign received wide ranging coverage across publications, notching up earned PR worth 2 Crores.

More importantly, what we set out to achieve was a change in the minds of the consumer with regards to what family means. The aspect of inclusiveness that we were hoping to imbibe in the behavior of our TG was accepted with open arms. We got a great response towards the film, but it was the idea that struck the right chord. We even inspired our TG to do more for their own maids.


The massive success of #BadiDiwali owes itself to deeply felt consumer truth that struck a chord with every person who engaged with it. Reliance Fresh was the first to inspire a new Diwali tradition of inclusiveness within the idea of family itself - making it larger than what Indian families grant.

Apart from the many, many firsts that the film saw in terms of scripting and representing the relationship between the domestic help and her employer, various multichannel social media innovations also pioneered engagement with women consumers in unprecedented ways. Whether it was the in-store shopper innovation using Facebook Live broadcast or the Diwali food web videos or CSR activations,  the brand went beyond expectations at every step, packing a whole lot of substance in a promise like #BadiDiwali.

Here’s the case study video: