How USL Diageo leveraged a user generated campaign to launch its Celebration Edition Whiskey

Case study by Autumn Worldwide where an online survey found out what gifts men love for USL Diageo, submitted under the category: ‘Best Use of User Generated Content’ for LI Content Marketing Awards 2017


The Client

USL Diageo is India’s leading beverage alcohol company with an outstanding portfolio of premium brands. USL Diageo saw a huge opportunity to extend its portfolio in Gifting – a subset of socialization with the gifting market at $30 billion. Keeping this in mind, they recently introduced ‘The Celebration Edition’, a new gifting range of premium whiskeys.

The Agency

Exploring the entire social media and digital marketing landscape, Autumn Worldwide specializes in 4 core domains.

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Problem Statement

When it comes to gifting, most Indians play it safe. Alcohol, unlike other regularly gifted items, still has that ‘not a correct gift’ hangover. People who have given alcohol as a gift might have gone under ‘social scrutiny/judgment’ or would have restricted it to occasions like a close friend’s birthday. Can USL Diageo change people’s mindsets and make Alcohol gifting acceptable in India?

Identified Objectives

In such a market, it was important to first get our audience to be acceptable to change. And such a change needs to come from within. Hence, in-order to get people to consider alcohol as a gifting option, the message should come from them and not the brand. We decided to ask the audience themselves – What are the Gifts Men Love?


Strategy: While we had the option of running stories created around ‘Gifts that Men Love’ that delight men, we wanted to use the advantage of being on Digital – the medium that facilitates engagement between brands and people. And since we were launching a new segment in the market where we were looking to change the consumer behavior, the role of our audience goes beyond a viewer and more of a participant. For this, our conversation had to come from peers, influencers and not through a brand channel.

Execution: We teamed up with TVF – The Viral Fever (TVF Pitchers is #36 on IMDB’s Top TV series of all-time), one of the most popular YouTube channels in India with a large subscriber base. And launched a set of two long format videos ‘TVF – Colleagues’, intrigue-generating ones, and invited viewers to help us find ‘Gift that Men Love’. In the first video, we asked people to suggest the gift that men love.

TVF Colleagues – 'The Gift'

Colleague ka birthday hai. Use kya gift milegi? Find out…#GiftsMenLove

TVF Qtiyapaさんの投稿 2016年12月23日(金)

Once we received the suggestions, we asked our audience to vote for their favourite one from the top 10 gifts in the second video. This was the first of its kind online survey that was used to launch a new brand.

TVF Colleagues – 'The Gift'

Colleague ka birthday hai. Use kya gift milegi? Find out…#GiftsMenLove

TVF Qtiyapaさんの投稿 2016年12月23日(金)


It was no surprise that Whiskey/Scotch was in the top 3 Gifts Men Love. And with this, we launched USL Diageo’s Celebration Edition Whiskey as the Gifts Men Love.

We garnered 3,134,638 Views; 3,313 Shares and reached 8.2M people. This campaign was covered by several PR channels including Mashable, Storypick, MensXP and GQ.


What made this approach different and unique was that rather than the brand talking to the consumers, we drove conversations among our audience who were now ready to be introduced to the Celebration Edition range of Whisky as the Gifts Men Love.

Case study video

#GiftsMentLove USL Diageo

What are the Gifts Men Love? Gifts Men Love did one of the first of its kind online survey to launch a new brand.Find out how?Agency: AutumnWorldwide

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