Use Of Social Media Can Help Prevent Crimes, Says S N Srivastava Of Delhi Police

Monitoring and use of social media can help prevent crimes and police will be "foolish" if they do not take advantage of it says S N Srivastava Of Delhi Police.

Delhi Police social media

Social media can be the best communication device if used effectively for most of the businesses and government departments. Police forces from around the world are adopting cutting edge technology and social media for not only nabbing criminals but also keeping a close monitor on activities. Delhi police, which is yet to make a presence on social networks, has got a wake up call from S N Srivastava, Special Commissioner of Delhi Police (Special Cell).

Delhi Police social media

Speaking at a press conference to announce the 16th India International Security Expo – 2013, S. N. Srivastava said that,

“Police agencies will be foolish if they don’t take advantage of that as the way to connect with people. Monitoring of social media can help assess public opinion which could be useful in maintaining law and order situation.”

The story that was reported by TOI also highlighted that the Special Commissioner of Delhi Special Cell added that there is little scope of increasing manpower in police but through proper training and use of technological advances this gap could be bridged.

“I would like to make a special mention of the technology that is available to us in the form of social media. One can prevent a lot of crime through social media and through other means to interact with the public. Social media, the way people build network,” added S. N. Srivastava while emphasizing on why the police should focus on social media.

It is encouraging to see S. N. Srivastava vouching for social media not only for nabbing criminals but also bonding with the citizens with the help of social media. A much needed move in today’s times when the common man is not only losing faith in the police administration but is also scared to go and speak to a policeman.

Delhi Police is yet to make a presence on social media but Delhi Traffic Police has been out there for quite some time and has been doing good. However, in recent times Bangalore has been the torch bearer in terms of adopting social media and motivating citizen participation on the respective channels. The Bangalore City Police not only has an impressive active presence on Facebook but at the same time has addressed to citizen complaints too.

The Uttar Pradesh Police has also joined the bandwagon and has been quite active on Twitter in recent times. The Twitter account that went official from the 1st of April has 1K+ tweets to its credit and it also follows more than 600 people. One glance at the page and you see it is a ‘conversational’ handle, open for suggestions as well as criticism. Tweets are in English and Hindi just as the updates on its Facebook page.

Delhi Police can take advice from S. N. Srivastava as well as Bangalore Police. It will only lead in making India a better nation.

Image courtesy: MSN News