An Energy Drink Hacks Twitter’s Barrier Of 140 Characters And You’ll Be Shocked To Know It Was So Simple

Bisleri's Urzza Power has created history by tweeting the world's longest tweet, and it has challenged Twitterati to do the same and win big. Here, we look at why the Twitter campaign


For all of us addicted to Twitter, brevity is an art we have had to learn the hard way. Unlike other generous social networks that allow us to post as much as our heart’s desire, Twitter always worked as an online ‘short messaging service’. It confined us to share our joys, our losses, our sarcasm, our wit and jokes all within 140 characters. While a lot of us used the very medium to express our displeasure back when Twitter became popular, most of the Twitter outrage against Twitter died off in the 8 years it has been in existence.

While ‘Keep It Short, Silly’ was Twitter’s advice to the many open letters to the founders, the site stuck to being a ‘micro-blogging platform’ and by ‘micro’ it really meant ‘extremely small in scale’.

But, all this is about to change or should I say has changed already…

This morning, I came across the world’s first longest tweet and was delighted to know that someone finally managed to hack Twitter.

The first thought that crossed my mind, as it surely must have crossed yours too, is that how in hell did they manage to do that. I placed my cursor on it and as suspected it was an image. Someone had beautifully replicated the Twitter font on some other document creator program, taken a screenshot and managed to create the world’s longest tweet of 652 characters. Here’s the tweet link and the screenshot:


The Twitter handle is of Urzza Power, an energy drink brand by Bisleri. And this is a clever way to demonstrate this is possible because of Urzza power. The company has also tied up a fun engagement with it. As you can see in the screenshot (sorry, the longest tweet), the brand has challenged us to do it ourselves and tag them with our long tweets.

There are prizes to be won for the most electrifying tweets – Urzza power banks for mobile. And if that’s not enough to nudge you into action mode, the brand is also giving away shopping vouchers for just retweeting their longest tweet.

Sharing a few tweets that have cracked the Twitter barrier, but some sure don’t resemble Twitter tweets anymore!

Nevertheless, it has been fun and engaging and certainly needs to be spread more on Twitter. Thankfully, Urzza Power has extended the fun challenge till today. I am going to give it my best shot, while I know you have already started working on it.

Fun demonstration of Urzza Power

An energy drink powering the world’s longest tweet is a clever marketing ploy for a brand that is positioning itself as a liquid charger. With this campaign, Urzza Power has managed to create a connect with its target segment- the Twitter-savvy regular urban youngster. The incentives of Urzza power banks for mobile further boosts its positioning.

Launched this September, Urzza Power marked Bisleri’s entry into the energy drinks market and has since been aggressively taking on Red Bull and the likes. Designed like a battery, the 250 ml can and 300 ml PET bottle are both prized at Rs. 50, while others cost nearly double.  Hoping the series of TVCs and the social media strategies like this one-of-a-kind stunt with the world’s longest tweet work to crack the 500 crore energy drink market in India.