UrbanClap Turns LGBT Supporter In New Well Timed Digital Film

The services marketplace app has rolled out a 2.43 minute digital film to further the cause of LGBT community this June in celebration of Pride Month

It’s a convenient mobile-powered economy, but your day is not looking good. The leaking tap has been bothering you and you feel too lazy to find help. But, that’s not a problem, just hop on to any of the service aggregator apps in your city and book a plumber right away.

It’s a fun weekend and you have arranged a family get-together, you don’t want to spend time cooking for the herd. That’s not a problem too, just book a caterer on the same app in your smartphone. In fact, you can also hire a beautician to make sure you’re as stunning as you’ve always been. What’s more, you can get repairmen, teachers, trainers, tutors all at one place.

Marketplace apps are slowly taking over our world. Convenience is the buzzword and companies are forever on the lookout to find more things to make more convenient for us. Like this year is about service-based marketplace apps that aim to bring all kinds of conveniences to your doorstep.

UrbanClap, the 2014-founded services marketplace app provides a host of services ranging from handymen to home tutors, wedding photographers and carpet cleaners in seven cities of Delhi, Bangalore, Chennai, Mumbai, Pune, Hyderabad and Ahmedabad. Last year, it became the fastest growing internet service companies; the value of monthly transactions on its platform had reached $10 million or Rs. 66.6 crore and it was only operating in four cities then. The startup has also won the trust of Ratan Tata, the veteran industrialist made an undisclosed investment in his personal capacity, last year, making it the ‘most well-funded company in the space.’ (Read more: 7 Best Indian Brand Campaigns Of 2015 With Bolder Themes)

The mobile marketplace is now building its brand voice, and how. UrbanClap has launched a digital film in support of the LGBT community, much like some bold international brands in the fashion industry have. It takes you through the painful journey of a ‘coming-out’ of a lesbian, and the resulting disapproval from her dad. Surprisingly, the dad, in his day, had revolted against society  by marrying a Muslim.

The 2.43 minute film features the brand too; the girl is seen posing for pictures, with the UrbanClap parcel arriving home the next day with her photographs. Dad approves of her choice at the end, after a sip of whisky and some deep gazing of her pictures with her partner.

Words from the acclaimed author and gay rights activist, Vikram Seth strengthens the case of love as an equal right - “To not be able to love the one you love is to have your life wrenched away. What makes life bearable is love.”

The company is giving away free photoshoots to LGBT community couples. One needs to tag UrbanClap on Facebook or use the hashtag #Comeoutforyourphotoshoot on Twitter. A company blog post explaining why it supports LGBT, also reveals that identities will not be disclosed if that is what the same sex couple wish.

Bold. Timely. Youth-oriented

While the high powers in India are still grappling whether or not to decriminalize homosexual sex between two consenting adults, UrbanClap’s coming out in support of this much-loathed segment in the society, is commendable. In a nutshell, it’s a bold, clever, cause-marketing campaign launched at the right time. June is celebrated as Pride Month all over the globe, and by using hashtags like #PrideMonth and #LoveIsLove, UrbanClap has ensured a bold connect with users over the world, even if its virtual.

But, for campaigns that are weaved around social causes, it becomes imperative for brands to associate a plan of action too. A free photoshoot for same sex couples seems to be filling that need, but more could be done to build a bold and positive brand image. Besides, the storytelling could have been better handled with sensitivity.

One brand wielded the homosexuality card with elan. Anouk, contemporary ethnic wear brand by Myntra had created a viral sensation on the internet grabbing national and international headlines, when it touched upon homosexuality in its brand film last year. It told the story of a lesbian couple who had been hiding about their relationship with their parents, and now planned on revealing it. Part of a series of bold themed brand films, it helped underscore the brand’s core philosophy of ‘Bold is Beautiful‘ while building brand awareness and shaping brand perception.

Comparatively, UrbanClap’s digital film does not add to its core business philosophy of guaranteed, quality home and professional services, but it sure helps the brand stand out from the crowd.