Urban Ladder’s New Ads Highlight Its Thoughtfully Designed Furniture That Knows

The video-driven campaign strives to demonstrate, in interesting stories, how everyday situations can be better with smart furniture

New age companies and new age communication go hand in hand. Online furniture and home décor brand, Urban Ladder has always been partial towards stories, it has explored various trends in each piece of video communication it sends out.

The idea being to align with the overall brand vision – Beautiful homes start here. Be it product videos, happy customer story videos, long format digital films, cat and dog videos, Urban Ladder has tried its hand in all.

Its ‘UL Stories’ for instance where happy customers share their experiences with the brand, is truly an inspiring series of videos for aspiring furniture buyers. Besides, the dedicated playlists created for its product videos take care of addressing functional concerns about the products. Apparently this is not enough.

Urban Ladder has now rolled out a new campaign called ‘Your furniture knows’, where the focus is on its furniture with ‘thoughtful designs’. A set of three ad films each have been launched for Urban Ladder’s Striado Entryway set, Stanhope bed and Lucerne dining table.

The three furniture items have been designed keeping consumer needs in mind, and the video-driven campaign strives to demonstrate exactly that in interesting stories.

Conceptualized by Lowe Lintas, the ad film for Stanhope bed starts with a guy packing his bag and making a note of all the things he would require. His wife is sleeping and it could be late night or early in the morning. Right when he remembers ‘jacket’, the wife pulls out one from the storage in the bed, while still asleep.

She is seen pulling out each of the things he needs to pack right from her sleeping position, proving how the bed is a handy one. The voice over at the end says, ‘Because your furniture knows him as well as you do.’

The ad on Lucerne dining table is set around one where a grand dinner has just been had. The table is all filled with empty plates and serving dishes, when the host walks in with dessert but there’s no space to place it. One of the guest makes some space by pushing plates and glasses aside, but the host finds an easier way.

He brings out the table’s extension and places the dessert tray on it. The voice over at the end says, “Because your furniture knows, there’s always room for more”.

The ad for the Striado entryway set shown as the feature video shows this guy at the door, all ready to leave but busy on his phone. He finds everything he needs on this set – jacket, shoes, books, umbrella, and leaves smoothly, forgetting the most crucial one. Watch it till the end.

“Our designs are our biggest differentiator. Our products reflect a blend of beauty and functionality which is hugely appreciated by our customers. A lot of research and thinking goes in designing every product to ensure we solve a problem for the customer,” said Ashish Goel, CEO and Co-founder, Urban Ladder on the thought behind the campaign.

Stories convey it better

‘Your furniture knows’ is more like a creative rendition to the brand’s product videos. In place of having a demo video for the Striado entryway set, the humorous ad film has made for a memorable recall for the furniture piece. You know the product benefits in a jiffy and you tend to remember it because of the storytelling.

In this cluttered space of online furniture stores, it is vital for a brand to stand apart, to create a differentiation via its products, and ‘Your furniture knows’ manages to do that successfully, without looking like a boring product ad. The campaign also highlights the brand’s thoughtfully designed furniture, again falling into place with its overall brand positioning – Beautiful homes start here.