Urban Ladder Forays Into Long Format Digital Film With ‘The Homecoming’ This Diwali

Urban Ladder has rolled out a 7.16 minute long film called ‘The Homecoming’ in which the furniture brand plays a key role in bringing two generations of a family to stay together

Brand communication at Urban Ladder has always been about stories. Along with its unique selection of stylish, contemporary, and chic furniture, the online furniture store has been building its image as an enabler of beautiful homes, one story at a time.

Its ‘UL Stories’ for instance where happy customers share their experiences with the brand, is truly an inspiring series of videos for aspiring furniture hunters.

The ‘UL Story’ forms only one component of the larger video strategy, the brand has a dedicated playlist for each of its products on its YouTube brand channel. One can find individual videos for beds, mattresses, sofa cum beds, lounge chairs, and more. Read “How #ULStory Video Strategy Is Driving Urban Ladder’s Vision To Make A Million Beautiful Homes”.

The time has come for the online brand to tell a bigger story – an emotionally charged one that can tug your heart strings especially during this festive season of Diwali. Urban Ladder has rolled out a 7.16 minute long film called ‘The Homecoming’ in which the furniture brand plays a key role in bringing two generations of a family to stay together.

Conceptualised by Boring Brands and directed by Vinay Jaiswal, ‘The Homecoming’ stars Piyush Mishra as the father and Tapsee Pannu as the daughter-in-law. It is set at the ultra urban home of a son who is talking to his mother on the phone. Their conversations tell us he wants his old parents to come and stay with him and not live alone, but the father is reluctant about the idea. The son is happy that at least they are visiting for Diwali.

When they arrive home, they are impressed with it, but are uncomfortable in their room. The modern chair is awkward for the father, especially after years of being habituated to a jhula to read his newspaper.

The daughter-in-law discusses their discomfort with her husband and both decide on a pleasant surprise. When the old couple are out visiting other relatives, the duo give this room a complete makeover, complete with harder seating everywhere, a rocking chair a three-seater jhula!

Overwhelmed by their thoughtfulness, the father agrees to stay with them permanently. He does not say so, but wishes them a ‘Happy Diwali’ instead.

2015 has been all about long format digital films. While the trend picked up last year, it gained momentum only this year, with brands ranging from varying industry sectors experimenting with long format storytelling for the digital age. What restricted you to 30 or 45 seconds on television to tell your story, suddenly set you free on digital. While many could only sell their product within 30-second television spots, the digital format provided ample space for storytelling. Read “The 14 Most Endearing Long Ad Films Of Q1 2015“.

For Urban Ladder, ‘The Homecoming’ reflects an evolution of its video strategy. While UL Story serves the purpose of building trust and inspiring potential customers, product videos take care of addressing functional concerns about the products. The brand needed to supplement its storytelling with an emotional side to it too, as ‘beautiful homes are about relationships rather than furniture’.

‘The Homecoming’ makes for a great brand story this Diwali. Urban Ladder helps establish itself as an enabler of beautiful homes, while showcasing all its products without looking like a 7-minute long advertisement.