A Dog, A Cat, A Pair Of Goldfish And A Cockatoo Show You How Easy Is Buying Furniture Online

Urban Ladder's latest campaign is a video series titled 'Creature Comforts' featuring pet animals who tell us about the brand's services through witty animal humour


Cats and dogs are big on the internet. Last year, Purina, the pet food brand from Nestle had created viral history with its ‘Dear Kitten’ video series created in partnership with BuzzFeed, one of the fast-growing social news and entertainment sites in the world. The video series sees an older cat passing on his wisdom about the dog to the newly arrived kitten, in ways we can all relate to.

Although the video series was an advertisement for pet food, when animals talk in a video, it is bound to go viral. Back home, Urban Ladder has also chosen pets to tell us about the services offered by the online furniture and home décor company.

In a series titled ‘Creature Comforts’ comprising four short videos, a dog, a cat, a pair of goldfish and a cockatoo show us how shopping for furniture is a breeze on Urban Ladder. Each video is under a minute and throws light on Free Delivery & Assembly, Interest Free EMIs, Easy Replacement & Returns and Cash or Card on Delivery.

The videos have been conceptualised in-house, and scripted and executed by Circus Elephants.

In ‘Old Dog. New Tricks!’, a smart alec cat tries to annoy an adorably clueless dog by marking a new wing chair as her territory. The dog chooses a large bed as his, making the cat really upset. The dog carries around the Free Delivery & Assembly message by Urban Ladder, while poking fun at the cat.

In ‘Barking up the wrong tree’, the helpful as ever dog is all ready with the wallet so his master can help pay the Urban Ladder delivery team. But nobody bothers about his assistance, except for the smart alec cat who asks him whether he’s ever heard about EMI.

In ‘Cats on Delivery’, a pair of gold fish are extremely delighted to hear that Urban Ladder has a ‘Cat on Delivery’ option, announced by the pet cockatoo. Believing that the pesky cat will be exchanged for some furniture, the gold fish rejoice their near future freedom. The smart alec cat clarifies its ‘Cash on delivery’, while asking them if they want some fresh air.

In ‘Catty sense of humour’, the smart alec cat is seen pulling the poor dog’s leg, almost making him believe that the Urban Ladder delivery team has arrived to take him away, as their master wants to replace him. The ad is actually talking about easy replacement and repairs.

Cats and dogs are sureshot viral

Urban Ladder is big on pets. The furniture etailer has been running a social media contest inviting Urban Ladder owners to send pictures of their pets on any piece of furniture for a chance to win vouchers and rugs. In fact, it was this very idea of pet pictures and stories that led to Creature Comforts, a company release informed.

Urban Ladder’s new video series is an adorable one that falls in place with #ULStories, its initiative to celebrate the story behind every piece of furniture. Moreover, it also helps in the brand mission of making ‘Beautiful homes’, as pets play an integral part in shaping the personality of a home.

The videos haven’t gained as much virality as they deserve but they do score high on entertaining while informing viewers in a witty manner. Urban Ladder could do with some paid media to let their dogs and cats go viral on the social web. Nonetheless, it’s an admirable effort!