Unmetric: Twitter Analytics Review

Unmetric: Twitter Analytics Review

Continuing with our review for Unmetric, today we do the remaining post for Twitter Unmetric analytics review. Last week we did the Facebook Unmetric Analytics review by which you can track your Facebook brand page as well as of your competitors too. Twitter Unmetric analytics is divided into two broader sections shown below:


Summary page remains same for Facebook and Twitter. As discussed earlier, my trial version allows me to track only five pages. So the Summary page shows a synopsis of all the five Twitter brand pages as shown in the below figure.

Summary Page

Detailed Analytics: This section drills deeper into the analytics of a respective brand. For e.g. we have selected here Volkswasgen India for a time period of last seven days. The detailed analytics is further sub divided into the following sub sections:

Overview: It gives a complete snapshot of the brand on Twitter for last seven days. How many new followers, total no tweets, average reply times for the brand, etc are displayed with the Klout score too. The Volkswagen India Twitter page overview on Unmetric looks like this:


Overview of Volkswagenindia On Twitter

Follower&Followee: This section tells you the story of your follower and followee count over the last seven days.


Follower&Followee Stats

Frequency & Timing: Timing is becoming quite important on Twitter. As a social media manager you would prefer to tweet the most when most of your community is active. This section tells you about Tweet Timing and the types of Tweet.

Tweet Timing tells you the hourly activity in a day and Tweets by type shows the percentage of Retweets, Proactive Tweets and Replies.


Freequency & Timing of Tweets

Analysis of Replies: On Twitter you should be proactive and especially so for consumer brands. Analysis of Replies section tells you the Sentiments of Queries and the Average Reply Time (ART).

Sentiment of Queries talks tells the percentage of neutral, positive and negative queries. For a social media manager of a brand this is quite important to know.

ART shows you a graph that displays how much time have you taken to reply customer queries. A good analysis for a brand that is doing customer support via Twitter.


ART of Volkaswagen


Comparison is a cool feature of Unmetric and the way you can do for Facebook brands the same applies for Twitter too. Select the brands that you want to compare and Unmetric shows all the comparison data in a form of visually easy graphs. The comparison analytics is based upon Followers, Followees, Frequency, Timing, Replies, Sentiment and Klout score. (I am not reviewing these sub sections as the functionality remains the same as shared above in the Detailed Analytics).

Unmetric Comparision of Brands on Twitter

Twitter analytics in Unmetric is comprehensive as it has been for Facebook. Frequency, Timing and Sentiment are the real cool features that will make a social media managers life bit easy on Twitter. Since Twitter is more active and things go viral quickly so an in-depth constant monitoring is required and Unmetric matches the criteria.

Give it a try and let us know how it goes. In the meanwhile, we will try to get some thoughts out of the horse’s mouth Lux the brain behind Unmetric.