Unmetric Goes For A Lean And Clean Look

Social media monitoring product Unmetric goes for a much needed design change


Unmetric, the social media benchmarking company headquartered in New York, with offices in India and other places in the globe has gone for a design makeover. The changes have been around for quite some time and seem to be stable now. It goes without saying that the new design change is way cooler than the previous look.

The product has a much more simple and lean look with lovely colours and at the same time the operation has become easier. The summary page may not be that unique since it resembles Pinterest. But then this is a design that is being adopted by every one for now and is being liked too.


That however does not take the credit away from the visually appealing looks of the product now. Along with the look, the quick snap shot of important data comes really handy. In addition to this, the way the top bar has been highlighted in sections of three is really neat and user friendly. Managing groups becomes easy and same is the case when you have to add a new brand. The same look has been kept for the rest of the networks such as Twitter, YouTube, etc.

Previously, the product had some dull colors but not any more. With the recent changes, the product has introduced a set of bright colours giving life to the charts. Unmetric has given more reason to stare at the charts if you love them like I do or get some printouts if you have the liberty to do so.

I am also told that Unmetric is going to see some bigger changes in the coming days. We will keep a watch on the changes but for now I think the changes in the look and feel is quite cool and also the need of the hour.