Unmetric Introduces Agency Platform

About Unmetric launching its agency platform to help Digital Agencies track client competition on Social Media to win and retain business.

Unmetric, the social media benchmarking platform for brands, which was launched in April 2012, has good news for social media agencies across the globe. The product that is being used by Fortune 500 brands like Citibank, Subway, etc. has come up with a model that will now allow agencies to use the product also. So with this announcement Unmetric will provide a simpler way for an agency to see how their current and potential clients are performing on the social media platforms.

The major announcement has been made by Unmetric to meet the growing demand from agencies that have been increasingly showing interest in the data that the platform has been producing. With this model, agencies can not only benchmark their client’s performance on social networks like Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, YouTube, etc. but also monitor content strategy, admin and user engagement, timing etc.

Benefits of the Agency platform:

The Unmetric Agency Platform which provides a bunch of features with the product is not making any design changes to the product even though the product is being offered at a lower setup cost. One of the major features that the Agency Platform is catering is the ability to manage multiple user accounts and budget them for their usage.

Agencies are encouraged to buy credits which is Uniqs (pronounced as U-niques) and then it can assign these to certain number of users. This way the agency keeps a check on the cost and only pays for exactly on the usage. The main user or the Uber user is the only user who can monitor the usage of the Uniqs.

Agencies like Zócalo Group and MRY have already started using the agency platform. However,  this latest announcement would bring no change to the way brands that have been accessing or using Unmetric to access competitive intelligence around social media activity.

Our Thoughts

A much required feature and the latest announcement seems to be interesting from the fact that the latest model provides the same platform with lesser cost and also as an agency you can pay on the usage and not monthly fixed budget. A great announcement at least for the Indian agencies who have been cribbing about monitoring data and making sense out of it in a cost effective way.

Hope this should be bringing smiles to agencies and loads of inquiries to Unmetric too!