Unmetric- Facebook Fan Page Analytic’s Review

Unmetric- Facebook Fan Page Analytic's Review

Social Media is no more about WHY, it is now about HOW. And when we talk about HOW then we also want to find out how are we performing on social media. As a brand you post content on a regular basis and you have gained likes and comments too. Facebook at its end does provide Impressions and Feedback score but is it enough for a brand? One needs to know far more. This is not possible manually and Unmetric comes as a life saver for a social media manager. Unmetric, a complete package for social media benchmarking is an initiative by TechOrigami Software. Presently in a beta stage, it is an Indian product that monitors brands on Facebook and Twitter. For reviewing this app, I have added five Indian brands for Facebook and Twitter. Let’s see how Unmetric fares and is it worth buying to track your social media efforts?

Unmetric Facebook Analysis

Based on your account Unmetric allows you to track Facebook fan pages. I could track five Facebook Indian brand pages and once you add your brands to track then the Summary page of Facebook analysis looks like this:

Summary Page

Detailed Analysis: Unmetric provides a snapshot as well as the Detailed Analytics of all the brands that you want to track. For e.g. the quick snapshot of Barista Lavazza displayed below shows the total number of likes, new likes, country which it is targeting and the sector that it belongs to.

Detail Analysis Page

The Detailed Analytics is further sub divided into following sections:

Overview: The overview section talks about the Facebook page and the activity that has occurred for a period selected by you. The activities that are tracked are number of new fans who joined the fan page, total number of posts and the diversity of content posted by the page administrator which is also termed as Tags.

Fans: The Fans sub section provides the growth of fans over a period clubbed with some interesting analysis.  For example if I am a community manager of Barista Lavazza then Unmetric provides me the male-female percentage on my fan page and the age group that they belong to along with their relationship status. Now this kind of data is quite useful for me in designing small campaigns targeted to a specific group. For e.g.: If you see the below chart, age group of 31-40 is a small percentage that are active on my Facebook fan page. So going ahead I can think of some promotional activities for this age group so that I increase the level of engagement with them on Facebook.


Engagement: Engagement with your Facebook community is a must in social media and Unmetric tracks it too. This sub section displays the Engagement Details, Sentimental Analysis and the per post engagement. Engagement Details tells you the total number of posts shared by the page admin and fans. Sentiment Analysis tracks positive and negative engagement. With all these data Unmetric compares per post engagement and provides its own engagement score for a given period. For example as a community manager of Barista Lavazza I can track all my content. With content I can also see total number of likes, comments and an engagement score computed by Unmetric. However, Unmetric is quite clear that the Engagement scores are not fool proof but it is fairly a good measure of relative performance, especially when compared with brands of the same magnitude.


Content: Along with engagement, as a social media manager I would also love to get an analysis on the content that I have shared and also about the content that is being shared on my page. Content Categorization is an analysis of Brand Related content per content category and what has been the engagement score per content category as shown in the figure for Barista Lavazza:


If you click on the bar displayed in the above picture the analysis is drilled down further based on four categories such as Special Offers, Questions to fans and Engagement Oriented Posts. This is just an awesome feature for a social media manager as she gets to know which content has clicked with her community. Unmetric also populates the actual content when you click on a particular category for further analysis.

Content Categories

Content Tag Cloud is the summation of contents in the form of nouns and adjectives that are being used. One can ignore fan posts if one wants to capture only the admin related content.

Comparison: Getting a Detailed analysis of a brand is always a must feature but one needs to keep a tab on its competitors too. I have selected 3 similar brand based on similar categories to review the comparison feature of Unmetric Facebook analysis.

Fans: This sub section shows a graph where it displays total number of fans and the percentage increase of fans over a period. This is really a good analysis for a community manager to compare with its competitor in percentage of growth. It can be seen in the below comparison graph of brands Barista Lavazza, Cafe Coffee Day and Costa Coffee India.

Fan Comparsion

Posts: It is again a graph that compares total no. of posts shared on the Facebook page by the page administrator and fans as shows in the below image. However this analysis won’t be useful if the fan page has not allowed its fans to post on the wall.

Post Comparsion

Engagement: Engagement is another comparative graph where you can evaluate the engagement score with your competitors. With the graph Unmetric also finds out which the best one out of the lot.


Sentiment: As a community manager you can compare the sentiment level across your competitors. For example if you are community manager of Barista Lavazza then you will be happy to see no negative sentiments by your fans for your brand. However if the content related to sentiment can be drilled further then it will be helpful for community managers. They can then find the reason of the negative sentiment and try to work on it.

Sentiment Comparison

With these analytics you also receive email from Unmetri whenever there are changes in behavior as Unmetric monitors the activities constantly. Small but a handy feature for a social media manager in the face paced life of social media marketing.

In-depth analysis, detailed comparison of brands, easy to understand data, finding engagement levels specific to particular categories are some of the amazing features that have fascinated me about Unmetric’s Facebook analytic. Unmetric has a detailed Twitter analytics too but that will take another post! Give it a shot for the trial period and let us know what you think about the Facebook analytic features provided by Unmetric.