Unmetric Adds Youtube Insights [Review]

A review article on Unmetric, social media analytical product that launched it's Youtube Insights for brands.


Unmetric, the social benchmarking startup has introduced ways to monitor and measure your Youtube brand channels. The product that was already equipped to monitor brands over Facebook and Twitter, has introduced this feature recently.

The Youtube Analysis introduced by the brand is shown by two sections – 1) Summary and 2) Comparison. The analysis provided by Unmetric can be set to any duration as long as Unmetric is monitoring them.

Detailed Analytics/Summary

The detailed analytics is an entire snap shot of the brand that Unmetric is tracking. To elaborate sections such as ‘Overview’, ‘Channel Stats’, ‘Video-lysis’ and ‘Word Of Mouth’, I have selected Sony India’s entertainment channel on Youtube.

Overview’ is the section where you get the entire snapshot of the Youtube brand channel for a given period. Since I am tracking the activity of the Sony Entertainment Television for the last month, it shows me the total no. of new views, subscribers and uploads in the overview section. ‘Channel Stats’ as the name goes provides stats of the Video Views, Subscribers and Channel Views. Videos Uploaded shows you the list of new videos in the said time period, along with the total no. of views, comments, favorites, likes and dislikes of the listed videos uploaded by the brand for the given period.

Sony Entertainment Unmetric

Video-lysis’ lists you the top videos for the period that you are tracking on Unmetric. Additionally, this section also provides stats about the videos. For example, the below screen grab shows the stats of a particular video such as total views, comments, rating, etc.

Sony Entertainment Unmetric Top Video

Words-mouth’ shows the associated tags based upon categories such as ‘Top Videos – In last 7 days’, ‘Top Videos – All Time’ and ‘All Videos’. If  you click on these tags then you are shown a list of all the videos that are associated with the tag along with stats.


One of the USP’s of Unmetric is that you can monitor your competitor’s performance along with your brand. The feature that is already present in Facebook and Twitter has been incorporated into Youtube insights too.

Views’ provide you the total no. of views and subscribers for each Youtube brand channel for a certain period.

youtube brand comparison

Uploads’ gives an idea on the number of videos that the brand is uploading. In addition to this, Unmetric also provides the total number of ‘Likes and Dislikes’ and ’Video Length’ for brand channels. Likes and dislikes provide the reactions in a graph format and video length gives you the total length of the videos on an average.

Can it be better?

The analytics that Unmetric is providing to brands is definitely going to be useful since the video consumption and video content generation has increased in twofolds. Today most of the brands are releasing their TVC’s online first and Youtube rules the online video space.

However, when I compare the Unmetric insights being provided for Youtube with that of the one being provided for Facebook and Twitter, then the new release is not that great. The comparative analysis provided by Unmetric  is more or less similar to what Youtube provides for its brands. However, if features like ‘Video Length’ can provide engagement scores then it would be easy for brands to monitor. Additionally, if ‘Uploads’ can tell what kind of content has been uploaded more along with the total number of uploads then it would be again great for brand managers.

Nevertheless, since it is a new launch I hope that we would see features being upgraded with time. Are you monitoring video content for your brand and if so does Unmetric’s Youtube analysis excite you to give it a try?