Unilever’s Shield #1Team1Nation Wants South Africa To Win The Rugby World Cup Third Time

Unilever’s Shield, sponsors of South Africa’s rugby team has launched an integrated campaign #1Team1Nation to motivate the team to win the cup third time.

Twice winner of the Rugby World Cup, South Africa nicknamed as the Springboks wants to repeat the winning spree. How can you achieve that without the support of your fans? Unilever’s Shield, the official deodorant of the Rugby World Cup and sponsors of South Africa’s team has come up with an integrated advertising campaign that bonds the game with the fan support and madness.

One Team One Nation, campaign is led by a TV commercial, a celebration of the Springboks team through the eyes of a South African rugby fan running through the streets of Soweto with a green and gold ladder ready for action.

The one and half minute video starts with the past celebrations of the team winning the world cup and expectations rising high if the team can do it the third time. The video then shows a young South African lad sporting the team’s jersey and running through the streets with a ladder. But before he runs to back his team he also makes sure to rub the Shield deodorant.


The Shield One Team One Nation campaign developed at R/GA London has a digital leg too. To encourage conversation the brand is spreading the word for #1Team1Nation and even motivating fans to try out tickets to the Rugby World Cup Final by leaving a message of support for the Springboks at www.1team1nation.co.za.

The microsite has hosted contests that are giving away jerseys and cash prizes. In addition to this, the site is curating fan messages from social networks made in support of Springboks. The site is even curating news of the Rugby World Cup, making it a one spot destination for rugby loving fans.

Twitter handle is focusing on the live action of the games, contests and latest developments from on and off the ground.

With #1Team1Nation Shield is supporting the dream of South African rugby fans, to win the cup third time. The story being told from a young rugby fan brings back the core message that every sport is backed by passionate fans. Those who are able to watch the game live and even those who cheer seated before a television. The joy is the same; the madness is the same and the love for the game remains the same too. By supporting the game, the campaign also aims to bring the nation together - a country that was instrumental in the creation of the Rugby World Cup competition.

Driving conversations on social media with #1Team1Nation, hosting and curating content at a dedicated portal reflects the brand’s belief on TV as well as digital.