Unfollowers – Your Social Media Management And Analytics App For Twitter, Facebook And Instagram

Review of Unfollowers the social media managment and analytics app for Twitter, Facebook And Instagram

Unfollowers Android app review

Social media becomes challenging when you have to manage all your social media accounts at one go. If you are doing this for your living then things can turn nightmarish, if you are not managing them properly and ignoring the much required insights from the social data. But with the medium maturing at its own pace, the social media management app space isn’t nascent either. It is already a crowded space with a zillion global and local apps.

Add Unfollowers to that list, an app that has been built by two brothers – Tushar Mahajan, based in India, and Rishabh Mahajan based in Japan. With a presence on web as well as mobile, I decided to give Unfollowers a try.

Unfollowers web app

The web app dashboard informs that a user can add the Twitter, Facebook and Instagram accounts to be managed. Logging in with my Twitter account, I tried the web app. The below screen grab gives you a quick glance of the home screen of the app – users ‘Not following back.’


The web app allows you to dig into features like – Recent Unfollowers, Recent Followers, Mutual Followingback, among others. If you click on any of the section you will get a list of profiles. For example I clicked on the section ‘Fans’. One can follow a person, block, DM, mute, mention, among other features.


Mention tracker is a feature that allows you to keep a track of all the Twitter users who have interacted with you on the platform recently. Either you can follow them or save them in a list. On click of any profile, the app pulls out the Twitter public data of the profile such as location, latest tweets, tweets per day count, among other things.

Additionally, the app provides features like Copy Followers/Following, Copy Users By Tweet, Relationship Check, among others. Lists is another feature from the app that lets you get more details from your Twitter lists. Click on the lists to which either you are subscribed or members of or own it and get subsequent details of the Twitter user.

Stats is the most exciting feature in the app which tells you about the entire activity that has happened based on features like  Unfollower Stats, Following Stats, Fans Stats, etc. However all these analytics for your Twitter account is a premium feature and could be useful for the ones who might be interested in getting the much required data insights.

Facebook and Instagram accounts could be added and features are more or less the same. However, I found more value for Twitter.

Unfollowers mobile app

The Android app is the mirror copy of the web app. However it is working only for Twitter management. The app allows you to add multiple accounts and the extreme left corner category icon at the top of the app has all the features listed. Just tap on them and the operation is similar to the web app. The below screen grab shows you the list of the features available with the mobile app.

Unfollowers Android App

How good is the app?

Unfollowers does the job in a neat way on web and mobile both. The mobile and web app had no glitches, all my operations were carried out smoothly. So execution wise the app is a desirable one.

The problem comes with existing players having similar features. Mumbai based startup JustUnfollow is a close competitor to Unfollowers. However, the analytics part could be an area of interest for brands and social media agencies. Besides, having language support for Spanish, Arabic, Japanese, Russian, etc., really makes the app a cool competitor in the market.

Do give Unfollowers a spin and share your feedback about the app in the comments.