This Diwali UC Browser Reveals The Real Story Of Ramayan For #HarGharUCDiwali

On the eve of Diwali UC Browser revisits Ramayan and tells us the real story to promote its online carnival #HarGharUCDiwali


Diwali mode is on in India – nights are already glittering with colorful LED lights, the air smells of delicious delicacies and fire crackers. From the rich to the poor, from brands to customers every one waits for this one big festival in India.

As per mythology Hindus celebrate Diwali or Deepawali as the “festival of lights” because Lord Ram and his brother Laxman return to Ayodha after being in exile for 14 years. Their return also signified the victory of good over evil since both brothers killed the demon Ravan who had kidnapped Sita, Ram’s wife. Since the time Ram, Sita and Laxman return home, Hindus have been celebrating Diwali in all its glory.

But for a minute, let’s imagine you are asked to make a wish and without even realizing the seriousness you say – “I want to go to the Ramayan era.” And there you are amid the epic battle between Ram and Ravan but they are not the people from Satyug; they talk in English with internet language as LOL. Have you ever imagined Ravan saying LOL every other second!

Well I’m not making this up but it’s the real truth being told in this four minute long digital video. Ramayan is revisited and the true story is revealed with the help of today’s young generation. While I won’t reveal the plot, it is Ravan at the end who kills himself so that Ram can go home, Diwali happens and the world can enjoy the amazing offers powered by UC Browser, the flagship mobile operating system from UC Web. Thanks to Ravan and the young man who makes all this possible even if it is just a story meant for fun.

The mad and funny video has got more than 527K videos on YouTube and 350K views on Facebook.

The video released just before Diwali is the last leg of the extensive marketing campaign “HarGhar UC Diwali” online carnival that UC Browser, mobile browser company has been running from the first week of November. Along with Yuvraj Singh, Indian cricketer and brand ambassador, the campaign aims to bring a unique Diwali shopping experience and great value to UC Browser users over the festive season.

According to the company, users of the browser get a chance to interact and stand a chance to have their wishes fulfilled by the cricketer Yuvraj Singh. Users also stand a chance to win prizes from Amazon, an exclusive e-commerce sponsor of HarGhar UC Diwali.

The campaign has also had social media activations with contests on Twitter. From lucky draws to asking fans to share images/videos from their last Diwali, UC Browser is keeping the engagement alive till Diwali.

Ramayan revisited for #HarGharUCDiwali

UC Browser’s objective was to showcase the amazing deals it had on offer for its users, this Diwali. But every other online company is trying to do the same. It needed to create a differentiation to stand out from the others.

Adopting slapstick comedy style, UC Browser changed the entire script of Ramayan like never before. Who would have imagined that Ravan sacrifices his life so that people can enjoy the deals from UC Browser? Well that’s the point and the brand has been able to stand out by showcasing the deals and offers in a really different way.

So go make a wish, who knows Yuvraj Singh might fulfill it but don’t press the button for going to the Ramayan age. You might never come back again to this world.

On a serious note, UC Browser, the flagship mobile browser of UCWeb, an Alibaba Group Company, revealed last month that it has registered over 50% market share in India. UCWeb has seen staggering success in the Indian market with its market share rising a steep 15% in last 12 months alone. As of today, 1 of every 2 mobile page viewed in India is accessed via UC Browser. #HarGharUCDiwali campaign has been launched at a perfect time to create a bond with its users and hoping to further increase its brand loyalty.