Twitter’s longer tweets have arrived, Google has introduced a new travel app called Google Trips

World digital news of the day - Tweets are holding steady at 140 characters, but a variety of additions to your tweets will no longer count against that limit, Google Trips - Google’s first potentially breakthrough travel tool, and more


Google launches Android Studio 2.2 with Layout Editor, Firebase plugin, and APK Analyzer: Google today launched Android Studio 2.2, the latest version of its integrated development environment (IDE), with over 20 new features across every major phase of the development process: design, develop, build, and test. You can download the new version for Windows, Mac, and Linux now directly from

Facebook acquires hardware developer Nascent Objects: Facebook has acquired Nascent Objects, the hardware development firm that aimed to make it easier for developers to go from concept to product in a matter of weeks. Financial terms of the deal were not disclosed, but Nascent Objects revealed that it will be a part of Facebook’s Building 8 program.

Twitter’s new, longer tweets have arrived: Tweets are holding steady at 140 characters, but a variety of additions to your tweets will no longer count against that limit.

Otto The Letter – Christmas is inside of us all: “The Letter”, a Christmas commercial for German online retail company Otto, has won Gold at the Clio Awards. The 3D animated commercial presents the story of a young boy, Tommy, and a postman, whose lives become connected over years through a lost letter.

Mic Has a Way For Advertisers to Sponsor Editorial Videos on Facebook: The millennial-targeting Web publisher Mic has introduced a new video ad product on Facebook designed to help it make money from its popular editorial videos. But technically the new ads, called ‘Mic Bright’ ads, are branded content-at least according to Facebook’s rules.

Google Trips: Google’s first potentially breakthrough travel tool: Google has introduced a new travel app called Google Trips. And from what I can see (without having used it) it appears to be a potential winner. It’s about planning and itinerary management vs reservations or travel booking.

Google acquires natural language understanding startup Google today said that it’s acquired, a startup with tools for speech recognition and natural language understanding. Terms of the deal weren’t disclosed.

Google Books will now make better suggestions on what to read next: Google today is launching a new feature for Google Books which aims to offer a better challenge to Amazon’s Kindle app when it comes to helping you find new things to read. Called “Discover,” this new section in the Google Books application will help point users to new content, including both personalized suggestions as well as other recommendations based on what’s currently popular with the wider community.

Burberry bot launches on Facebook Messenger for London Fashion Week: Burberry has created a Faebook Messenger bot that shows off threads that will be on the runway in the coming days as part of London Fashion Week. Tommy Hilfiger also used a Facebook Messenger bot last week to launch a new fashion collection.