Twitter’s Buy Button Has Been Disbanded, Facebook To Sunset FBX Desktop Retargeting

World digital news - The team behind Twitter's "Buy" button has been disbanded, Facebook’s desktop retargeting solution, Facebook Exchange (FBX), will soon meet its end, and more

Fujitsu Digital Transformations: Working with Projection Artworks, the team created a new and unique viewing angle for each individual shot. The end result brings together a father connecting remotely with his children’s dietary choices, a retail shopping experience, a farmer monitoring livestock, keeping remote workers safe, and making city traffic fluid.

Bye bye Twitter “Buy”: The team behind Twitter’s “Buy” button has been disbanded, and the company is focused on other programs and features to speak to its core experience.

Facebook to sunset FBX desktop retargeting in favor of mobile capabilities: Facebook’s desktop retargeting solution, Facebook Exchange (FBX), will soon meet its end. Facebook’s decision not to expand FBX access to mobile inventory has led to the exchange’s declining influence. Instead FBX has been overshadowed by the newer Custom Audiences and Dynamic Ads capabilities.

New Snapchat Ads From Mike’s Hard Lemonade Imagine a Memorial Day BBQ Trapped in GIFs: As part of its summerlong “Come Out Back” campaign, the bottled cocktail is running a three-part episodic of vertical video ads in a Snapchat Live Story takeover effort on Sunday. The tale begins with two friends walking up to a barbecue and realizing their friends are stuck in a robotic loop. The lead characters, played by web creators Steph Barkley and Jason Nash, then set out to help them escape their GIF-like situation.

McDonald’s Unveils Burger-Inspired Art During Its First Facebook Live Video: During the hour-long program the fast food giant revealed three oil paintings; “The Beefy Gastronaut” which featured the chain’s Quarter Pounder with cheese, the “Burger Brawn,” which featured the Big Mac and the “Beefy Peaks.” The point? To celebrate National Hamburger Day.

How Whisper Mastered Facebook’s Algorithm and Sold Ads With First-Party Data: In April, Facebook opened up the ability for top-performing page marketers on the platform to sell branded content against its social audience. Immediatley after, said Jay Rockman, Whisper director of marketing and business development, marketers showed interest in leveraging the company’s Facebook reach, which totals 250 million consumers a month.

Mountain Dew makes a foray into Oculus Rift VR: Mountain Dew is rolling out its first Oculus virtual reality effort as part of its “DEWcision 2016” campaign, encouraging fans to vote for one of its two new flavors: Baja Blast and Pitch Black.

Burberry wants to monetize its 40 million social followers: Burberry is widely recognized as a digitally sophisticated luxury brand, but it’s been hard to translate that into sales. In discussing the results, Burberry’s CEO and CCO Christopher Bailey and COO John Smith said they planned to turn its many social followers into new customers.