Twitter Trolls Jackky Bhagnani After Youngistaan Gets Nominated For Oscars

After news spreads on Twitter that Bollywood movie Youngistaan is eligible for this years Oscars, Twitter has a field day trolling Jackky Bhagnani

Youngistaan Oscars

Twitter never fails to surprise you. On a day when Sony confirmed pulling down it’s latest movie ‘The Interview’ due to threats to movie goers, we’ve been informed that Bollywood film Youngistaan has been accepted in the best foreign language film category for this year’s Oscars.

Don’t choke, Lighthouse Insights isn’t pivoting to be a satire site. The movie directed by Syed Ahmad Afzal starring Jackky Bhagnani and Neha Sharma, has made it to the Oscar long list as an independent entry, reported NDTV.

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But by the time the news landed on Twitter it shaped into something else – that the movie has been accepted in the best foreign language film category for this year’s Oscars. That isn’t true because Liar’s Dice is India’s official entry  for this year’s Oscars from India.

It was too late. Not sure about the Oscars, Youngistaan made its entry in Twitter trends, thanks to the funny folks on Twitter. This time the scape goat is Jackky Bhagnani the main lead of the film who has always been butchered for his performances. With the news getting tweaked, Jackky faced some backlash on Twitter too. Wonder why did he re-tweet this tweet when it isn’t complete information. Perhaps the excitement of getting trended on Twitter got into him!


This is how Twitter reacted to the news. Was it an overreaction? Well Twitter spares no one.

While it isn’t an official entry but a private/independent entry, Twitter made sure to poke some fun alongside heavy loads like #BJPScamsBegin, #PakBailsOutTerror, #HouseOfChaos that have been trending all day long.

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