Twitter still has revenue problems In Q2 2016, Taboola buys video advertising firm ConvertMedia

World digital news of the day - Twitter reported Q2 2016 earnings on Tuesday and investors aren’t happy, Taboola announced today it is buying outstream video ad firm ConvertMedia., and more


How Bauer radio station Kiss FM is using Snapchat: For media companies that haven’t landed a spot on Snapchat Discover, building up an organic presence is a steeper road. For Bauer Media’s youth-focussed urban radio station Kiss, that’s meant playing up unscripted moments and less polished fare.

This Yogurt Brand Found a Clever Workaround to Get in Front of Pokemon Go Players: On Wednesday, the yogurt brand and mobile advertising company Aki Technologies will kick off a four-week campaign targeting 10,000 Pokestops—the virtual landmarks where players collect characters and points—in popular apps consumers often use in conjunction with Pokemon Go, like weather or messaging apps.

IAB: Two-Thirds of Ad Block Users Are Open to Turning Off Software: Two-thirds of U.S. consumers who run ad blockers could be convinced to uninstall them should the publisher take some steps to change habits deemed annoying by most online users.

Taboola buys video advertising firm ConvertMedia: Content discovery platform Taboola announced today it is buying outstream video ad firm ConvertMedia.

Reddit Intros New Ad Offering, ‘Grows Up’ and Says It Can Be as Big as Facebook: Today, Reddit’s self-proclaimed user base of 240 million is seven times less than Facebook’s. The company’s desktop website has aged about as well as Craigslist and its user base — aka redditors — are notorious for calling out advertisers that try to pass themseleves off as the cool, hip brand that’s mingling with today’s youth.

How GQ reversed declining homepage traffic: The homepage is not dead. Publishers are discovering anew the wonders of owning direct traffic. At GQ, the homepage is a priority, with homepage traffic up by 20 percent in the past six months.

50% of Internet users on Instagram: According to GWI’s latest research, Instagram use has jumped by over 10 percentage points from late 2015. This means Instagram can now boast a reach of almost 50%.

Twitter still has revenue problems, and its stock is down big: Twitter reported Q2 earnings on Tuesday and investors aren’t happy. The key issue is likely Twitter’s Q3 guidance. The company says it is targeting $590 million to $610 million in revenue next quarter. Early analyst estimates pegged that number at $678 million, according to Yahoo Finance. So that’s a big discrepancy.

Inside Citi’s ‘Stand for Progress’ Olympics push: With the Rio Olympics around the corner, big brands like Citi are gearing up their marketing blitzes. Citi changed its sponsorship messaging from “every step of the way” to “stand for progress” in order to inspire people to “set goals alongside America’s elite athletes.”