Twitter Taking Away Background Images Might Mean More Ads On The Platform

Twitter has removed the feature of customized background images appearing on Home and Notifications page. The move is a design move but can be for more ads.

Most of us from brands to users have invested time in building Twitter backgrounds. In fact there are sites who provide background themes for purchase and social media gurus have stressed the importance of using background images to highlight your contact and social details. However this no more holds true, Twitter has removed the sweet background feature. Now everyone has a clean white background.

Twitter says that the recent tweak is a part of Twitter’s effort to make its product easier to use and understand. The intention is to make pages with tweets on them less busy and more clear, leaving the important stuff in the middle with no distraction. “We’re removing background images from the home and notifications timelines on web for all users. Now, background images are only available where logged-in users will see them publicly. You can find help center content about customizing your design and where it’s visible on Twitter here.”

Twitter has been struggling with users and revenues, the last quarter earnings clearly pointed to it and hence the decision to do away with Dick Costola and get Jack Dorsey as an interim CEO. Besides Twitter has been playing with the product and simplifying the design for a while now. The latest move on the face appears to be executed to make the product easier.

However Mashable states, this new white-centric design isn’t entirely new. The company appears to have started to remove backgrounds from new user profiles last year, when profiles were redesigned. The new “more fun” user profiles were introduced to new users first and slowly rolled out to more people.

Needless to say the change didn’t go well with users.

Though there’s no way to change it back on your home feed or profile, your old Twitter background still appears in places where “logged-in users will see them publicly,” the company says. Background images still appear behind individual tweets, on topic-based collection pages and lists.

To make the background image appear at required places go to settings for these areas of Twitter from the website’s main settings menu under the “Design” tab in the left column. Select the pre-made background images from Twitter and the tools to upload your own photos.

Twitter may say that it is a design tweak but by removing background images from the Home page, Twitter now gets more control of the page. There is an ample amount of white space to run ads like Facebook and other social networks are doing. A full-page ad takeover might backfire the network but running ads in the side panel space could get the network much required boost in ad revenues.