Madonna Is Madhu Koda, Bruce Willis Is Bhura Billa. The Most Hilarious #VHPNames

Twitter users react hilariously to #VHPNames by creatively imagining the "Hindu" original of a Western name


Did you know that “Bruce Willis is Bhura Billa” and “Ban Ki Moon is actually Moonmoon Banerjee”. Surprised? Well that is satirical Twitter at its best. Apart from being a conversation network, over the years we have seen Twitter evolve as a platform for jibe and comic relief. However, #VHPNames sets a new benchmark for hilarious trends on the 140 character platform.

#VHPNames – creatively imagining the “Hindu” original of a Western name find its genesis in an article that appears to have been removed and can now only be found in its cached version – though it is also reproduced here.

Allegedly, India Today reported on Monday that VHP’s iconic  thought leader and BJP MP Sadhvi Prachi had said that Russian President Vladimir Putin was a Hindu, whose original name was Vaarahmihir Putr Singh. Though India today quietly deleted the article, Twitter comedians were quick to take this up to beat their Monday blues.

#VHPNames which was dominating the top of the Twitter trends from the early part of Monday, is still trending; there is no dearth in creativity with hilarious Hindu names for almost everyone from Bill Gates to Madonna!

Here are a few of the funniest #VHPNames tweets:

Image Credit: Facebook