Twitter Rolls Out “Official Partner Program” With IBM As The First Consultancy Partner

Twitter has merged the Twitter Certified Program and the Twitter Marketing Platform Partner Program into a one program - Twitter Official Partner Program

Twitter now has merged the Twitter Certified Program and the Twitter Marketing Platform Partner Program into one program - Twitter Official Partner Program. Revealed on its blog the new initiative combines industry-leading product and service partners that help businesses achieve better results on Twitter and beyond.

With a new site, a new logo and a new search page, Twitter is trying to make life easy for businesses that want third-party help with their Twitter campaigns and strategy by connecting to the right partner. These Twitter Official Partners can help marketers, advertisers and brands in increasing campaign performance, gaining deep insights and efficient marketing.

To begin with Twitter has joined hands with IBM as the first consultancy partner. IBM, which has worked with Twitter as a strategic partner since October, 2014 will provide strategic insight, consulting and analytics to help brands and enterprises make decisions with Twitter data. Twitter and IBM have worked to train more than 10,000 IBM employees on Twitter data and analytics best practices.

In addition to training IBM consultants to help their own clients put Twitter data to better use, Big Blue itself integrated data from the social-messaging platform into its Watson analytics platform to enhance information used for data visualization. Apart from analyzing social sentiment towards brands, IBM also wants to use Twitter data to make informed enterprise decisions. “We believe in the transformative power of Twitter data for businesses, and are excited to be a Twitter Official Partner,” said IBM’s global leader of big data and analytics Glenn Finch.

This alliance is also seeing the light today because of Twitter acquiring Gnip, a social data startup founded in 2008. “Our acquisition of Gnip was an important milestone because it gives us an enterprise-grade platform that delivers more than 15 billion social activities per day to a vibrant ecosystem of customers and partners who are innovating using this data. As a result, we have a strong platform for data that makes our relationship with IBM possible,” informed Twitter.

Twitter does not charge partners for the privilege of official status rather it recognizes the best ones because of their “high-quality products or expert-level services and proven success on Twitter” in eight competencies: analytics, engagement, content curation and display, consulting and agency services, ad technology, audience data, audience on-boarding and ad measurement.

In the coming future, expect additional consulting firms to join the ranks of preferred Twitter partners.